Product import is indeed a complex process as compared to other imports. There are many product variations, product images, attributes, etc., that need to be imported to complete the entire product import process. Thus it is important to have an import plugin installed in your WooCommerce store to make the process effortless for you.

This article will guide you in choosing the right plugin for your store by providing you with a detailed description of the 5 best product import plugins in the market.

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

The Product import-export plugin for WooCommerce provides you with many great features that make product import so much easier for you. The most important advantage of purchasing this plugin is that it supports importing all product types without making the import process complicated. It supports all four product types namely simple, variable, group, and external.

An attractive feature the plugin offers you is multiple methods for importing products. Three methods are available for you in this plugin for importing products – import by uploading a CSV file, read and import from CSV URL, and import from a CSV file on a remote server via FTP/SFTP.

The columns of your CSV may not correspond with the WooCommerce products data fields always. You can map fields using the simple interface provided by this plugin and then save the mapping settings for later imports. This plugin not only allows you to import product variations and product images from CSV files but to easily import product ratings from another store via a CSV file as well. During import, you can even edit the ratings, author name, date, verified tag, and content of the reviews.

The greatest advantage of having this plugin is that you can schedule import timing to your preferences ie; you can decide the import starting time and the interval of import for importing to take place. Also, you can choose to skip new products in CSV while importing or deleting existing products.

When it comes to bulk updating of products there are certain features that this plugin offers like updating existing products using the “merge products” feature for adding more information to existing products or updating the existing product details.

This helps the store owner to update hundreds or thousands of products with new info such as price or sale status. And also the feature to modify hundreds or thousands of products by applying custom rules during import ( e.g: increase price by 10%). An evaluation field is used to modify/update the value of product fields mapped during the import process.

This plugin license costs you $69 for one site, $99 for five sites, and $199 for 25 sites with one year of support and updates.

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

Product CSV Import Suite is indeed one of the best plugins you can have in your WooCommerce store for product import-export-related needs. This plugin allows you to import products with custom taxonomies and provides great support for popular, unique product types, making it easier to upload and manage your product catalog.

WooCommerce lets you add information such as categories or attributes to a product and Product CSV Import Suite provides support for these types of custom taxonomies, making it possible to import all the product data you need.

The greatest advantage one would have by building his/her eCommerce store with WooCommerce is that it lets you sell any sort of products and the Product CSV Import Suite supports the most popular and unique types of products sold with WooCommerce, like subscriptions, composite products, product bundles, bookings, photography, product vendors, etc.

Additional features provided by this plugin are its ability to import text-based product data like price, description, images, categories, and the ability to import custom fields including data like taxonomies, attributes, and more. You can also import product variations to your store and merge products in order to add more information to existing products. Using this plugin you can update the stock on a relative basis, for eg: if you want to update the stock of an item to 6 from what it currently has then include +6 and your stock will be updated.

The plugin license costs you $49, $79, and $149 for one site, five sites, and twenty-five sites respectively. Having a license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. If you’re unhappy with your purchase there is a thirty days money-back guarantee as well.

WP All Import


WP All Import is considered to be one of the most efficient plugins you can install on your system which will take care of all your product import-related processes. This plugin allows your store to import all product variations including simple, external, affiliate, variable, and grouped products to your WooCommerce store.

Using this plugin you can process large files, convert currencies, mark prices up or down, import images to product galleries, and even perform cron-based recurring imports to sync inventory and keep product data and stock levels up to date. WP All Import supports both XML and CSV imports. To import your data, just drag & drop the fields from your XML or CSV file to the appropriate fields in WooCommerce.

In addition to it importing all product types, you can also import files containing products of multiple types in just one import and if you’re importing simple and variable products at the same time, products with no variations will automatically be created as simple products.

WP All Import can download images from an external server and link them to your products, or link images that you upload to your site to products imported with WP All Import. Specify the URL or file names of the images, and WP All Import will set add them to your Product Gallery, and optionally set one as the product Featured Image. You can also import image meta: title, description, alt text, and caption.

Using the cron-based scheduled import feature provided by this plugin, you can update previously imported products with a new XML or CSV. If you’ve imported your products and then later get another updated file with new product data, you can import the new file over the old one.

If you want to manage your product data in excel all you need to do is save it as a CSV file in excel and later using WP All Import import it to your WooCommerce store. The plugin license is divided into three packages namely standard, WooCommerce, and elite bundle. All with an unlimited site license, lifetime support, and lifetime updates.

The standard package is the cheapest option among them costing only $99 which is a suitable option for small store owners with fewer products. In the WooCommerce package costing $139, you can have along with the import pro version the WooCommerce add-on as well. The heaviest package elite bundle which costs $199 provides you with its pro import version of all WooCommerce add-ons including WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Link Cloaking, User Import, etc as well.

Product Importer Deluxe


Product importer deluxe is a clean and simple solution for all your product import-related needs. By purchasing this plugin you will have access to a number of features for making your store’s product import process quicker and easier.

This plugin is capable of importing products along with all its related data that you could think of like all variations of products( simple, external, variable), simple product subscriptions, global and per-product attributes, featured image and product gallery images, different product categories, product tags, product brands and file downloads, up-sell and cross-sells, custom product meta; you name it they have got it.

New Product import fields are being added with each major plugin update and regular minor plugin updates add new import fields ready to be included in imports.

Product Importer deluxe can generate new products or merge changes against existing products with live and post-import reporting. Product details assigned to products within the CSV file are all generated at the import time making setting up of your next store’s products a simple one-step import process. To make store migrations even easier they have included free licenses of their popular export plugin Store Exporter Deluxe so you can immediately export products from existing WooCommerce stores not letting harm the import compatibility.

Its native import features allow importing of product details from many popular WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins including WooCommerce subscriptions, WooCommerce Multilingual (WPML), WooCommerce Custom Fields, WooCommerce Ultimate Multi-Currency Suite, Simple SEO Meta Tags, YITH Brands, Jigoshop SEO Deluxe, Ultimate SEO, Yoast’s WordPress SEO, Custom Fields, MP3 Player Plugin for WordPress, All in One SEO Pack, Advanced Google Product Feed, Related Products, Wholesale Pricing, etc.

Plugin license rates start from $99 for one store, $149 for one to five stores, and at $245 you can have the license for an unlimited number of stores.

WOOEXIM Export-Import Products

With WOOEXIM product import you can easily import products and product categories to your store. It supports all types of products, custom fields, attributes, and a lot more in it. You can import data to CSV or either you can import data from a CSV file.

Scheduled import is the major characteristic of this plugin. Using this plugin you can create the scheduled import of products and categories in just a single click. You can also create multiple schedules and sent the scheduled import data to any email you prefer. Its easy interface helps you to make your store’s import process faster. You can also set multiple filters for product categories to make the import process much more flexible to all your needs.

With the import preview feature allowed by this plugin, you can see a preview of data when importing and make quick changes to the data you want to import. Using this import plugin you can import data not only with CSV file but also with remote file URLs. With this plugin there isn’t any difference between new or old categories, you can import both new and old categories with ease.

WOOEXIM product import plugin is a great choice for multiple language compatibility as this plugin is served with ten other languages other than English. It offers you plugin license at attractive rates that would enable you to purchase this plugin at $39, $89, $159 respectively for one site, five sites, and unlimited numbers of sites.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have been able to make up your mind about the plugin you want to purchase for your product import needs in your online store by going through this article. Although, these are all premium plugins the number of features they provide varies with each of them. Thus while choosing a plugin for your store you should pay more attention to your store’s needs and choose the one that meets your requirements.

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