What would you be likely to choose first when you see a page filled with only content and another page filled with both content and images? It must be the latter. This is because images have the power to attract people more than words do. And that is exactly why galleries become an integral component of a website. You can add galleries and albums to your website easily by using a gallery plugin. Here are a few of the best WordPress gallery plugins for using on your website to create beautiful galleries.


This user-friendly gallery plugin allows you to add galleries to your WordPress website in just a few clicks. With Modula, you can be in total control of the size of the images and choose the image which stands out with Modula’s custom grid functionality.

This gallery plugin lets you easily preview your galleries so that you know how the changes you made looks without having to refresh the page. Uploading images to galleries becomes easier with Modula since it supports drag and drop of images to the gallery. Modula comes with a video extension in order to make it easy to add videos to galleries that are self-hosted or from sources like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

The image optimization tool offered by Modula and access to the fastest content delivery network provided by StackPath prevents your WordPress site from slowing down when high-quality images are uploaded to it. Besides the above stunning features, Modula also lets you have 6 different lightbox styles, 12 built-in hover effects, the ability to add image-entry animations and gallery customization with CSS, and more.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is one of the best gallery plugins available in the market. Its drag and drop builder gives you an amazing experience with creating beautiful photo and video galleries on your WordPress site. This plugin avoids having to build a gallery from the ground up by offering a bunch of pre-built Gallery templates. You can choose one of these templates and customize it to give your website’s gallery a unique look.

With Envira, Galleries aren’t just beautiful but responsive as well. Hence, it provides you with the same incredible viewing experience in all sizes of devices. In addition to Galleries, this plugin also lets you create Albums by organizing galleries. Social sharing is one of the strong features of this plugin using which your users will be able to share photos via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Besides photos, videos can also be shared in this plugin via popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, VideoPress, and self-hosted videos in your gallery, etc.

Are you thinking about improving the protection of your website’s images? Then Envira takes care of it by letting you add watermarks to your images. Additional features provided by this plugin include add-ons for Slideshow, Deep linking, Pagination, Proofing, WooCommerce, Adobe Lightroom, Tags, Password protection, Dropbox importer, Fullscreen, and more.

NextGEN Gallery

This popular WordPress gallery plugin is a great choice to build galleries and albums on your WordPress website. NextGEN Gallery plugin is available in both premium and free version. Its pro version comes in three bundles of varying costs and features so that you get to choose according to your requirement.

This highly responsive plugin offers two gallery styles (slideshows and thumbnail galleries) in its free version and a bunch more in its pro which are fully customizable in terms of its size, style, lightbox effects, transitions, controls, etc. Advanced features included in this plugin are eCommerce functionality (helpful feature if you are selling photography), image protection (hotlink protection, watermarks), image deep linking for lightbox galleries, and more.

Justified Image Grid

This is the only image gallery plugin not available in its free version. It comes with a huge bundle of features that help you create a gallery that is just awesome. Its automatic justified layout feature is one of the most striking features of this plugin that allows you to show images in the original aspect ratio in the gallery.

This plugin offers great flexibility by letting you limit the image counts or the maximum number of rows. You can easily redefine the shape of thumbnails, add special effects and thumbnail captions, etc using this powerful plugin. This plugin offers incredible support for video galleries by letting you upload You-tube, Vimeo, and even self-hosted videos to the gallery.

By using this plugin, you can take over existing galleries from various websites and plugins including NextGEN gallery, Real Media library, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds, etc. This plugin is WPML and translation ready offers support for Animated GIF and transparent PNG support.


FooGallery  is a great choice for creating stunning video and image galleries for your WordPress website. Gallery templates offered by this plugin gives you a head start on building galleries on your WordPress website. Its Drag and Drop reordering feature allows greater flexibility for arranging images in the gallery.

FooGallery plugin brings you instant previews of your gallery while you are modifying it so that you can make changes into it accordingly. With this plugin, you can create gallery pages in just one-click, lightbox support and visual editing adds great flexibility to this plugin.

Front-end filtering allows your users to have a better experience on your website. If you have been using NextGEN gallery plugin on your site you can have a smooth transition into FooGallery by importing NextGEN galleries into it.


All the above-listed plugins are great tools for adding galleries to your website so that you can make your pick peacefully. Still, trying them on your website once will give further assurance to your decision.

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