Are you looking for a hosting platform that can offer you immense scalability and unparalleled performance?

Then WordPress VIP is the one you need. With WordPress VIP, everything you get is unlimited in nature. It can even be called “the king of hosting”.

This article is a complete review of this platform, its pros, and cons, importance, who it is best for, etc. At the end of this article, you will have fully understood the platform in and out to find the right answer to the question – Whether your website needs it or not?

What is WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP hosting

WordPress VIP is a high-end hosting platform based on that aims to serve large scale business and enterprise firms receiving huge traffic on a daily basis.

If you take a look at the popular websites it is currently hosting, you could really see how powerful platform it really is.

Before choosing a WordPress VIP plan for your website, you need to know what the benefits and shortcomings of this platform are. The coming two sections are dedicated to it.

Advantages of Opting for WordPress VIP

The following are the major advantages of WordPress VIP, that makes people go for it to host their website.

You get to enjoy a Fully Managed WordPress experience

The experience of having your site run by WordPress VIP is way better than what any other managed WordPress hosting platforms could offer. It fully manages the following tasks for you so you can completely focus on completing the goals of your website.

  • Automatic updates for core software.
  • Automated hourly backups.
  • Automatic scaling to handle and sudden huge traffic spikes.

High Speed and Great Performance

With the native facility for caching and over 20 data centers across the globe, you will be benefitting from unmatched speed for your website. High speed converts to excellence in performance.

Powerful Security

WordPress VIP is known for its unparalleled security features. It ensures that all the website traffic is encrypted at both ends to prevent data theft/loss.

Manual Code Reviews

WordPress VIP follows a strict manual code review process. This ensures that adding every new theme and plugin goes through an elaborate review process to prevent any vulnerabilities in security.


Scalability is one of the powerful features of WordPress VIP. It can easily support millions of page views per day without affecting the performance of the website. Thus you can be worry-free about the growth of your website as it is capable of handling any sudden surge in traffic.

Disadvantages of Choosing WordPress VIP

Although you will be entitled to a number of perks by choosing WordPress VIP, there is some downside to it as well. The following are some of the disadvantages that WordPress VIP has, that you need to be aware of.


Compared to many other popular hosting services, WordPress VIP is a way too pricey deal. Unlike other hosting services, it doesn’t have a pricing plan displayed on their website or anywhere else for people to know. But it is estimated to be around $5000 to $25,000 per month for up to 5 websites with a minimum $5000 setup fee per-site.

It includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, CDN, and dedicated support.

Limited Control and Flexibility

Owning a website hosted by WordPress VIP doesn’t leave you with much control. Every time you want to make a change to your website you are required to consult the VIP team and have the suggested changes reviewed before making it live.

You alone cannot make changes to your website however small it is, thus stripping you of your website’s control.

Who Should Go for WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP is a platform established for the service of high scale businesses receiving a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis. Some of the high-end websites hosted by WordPress VIP include; Techcrunch, Spotify, Facebook, Microsoft, Newyork post, Ted, etc.

It is also a bit expensive too. Thus it is better for small-scale and startup-businesses to look for other hosting services other than WordPress VIP.

Apart from the above, you cannot have full control over your site and make changes and decisions for your website with this platform. Thus, those who wish for more control of their website should also refrain from choosing WordPress VIP for hosting their website.

WordPress VIP vs Self-hosted WordPress (

For those who are still in doubt about choosing between WordPress VIP and self-hosted WordPress (, this section would be of huge help. Once you go through a complete comparison of both these platforms, you will be able to make your choice quickly.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance is an ongoing process. You need to ensure its maintenance on a frequent basis to make sure the proper functioning of your website.

WordPress VIP

With WordPress VIP, you are not at all required to maintain your website. Website maintenance will be fully taken care of by the VIP team so you can fully concentrate on your business.

Self-hosted WordPress

With self-hosted WordPress, you are fully responsible for the maintenance of your website. But you can contact their support team if you are having any trouble with your website.


The cost can be a deciding factor for some since hosting is a long term deal. Apart from the initial cost, you are required to pay a monthly/annual fee for using the hosting service. Thus cost should be highly considered while choosing your host.

WordPress VIP

As mentioned above, WordPress VIP can be a costly deal for those who have a strict budget for running their website. Those people with a heavy cost concern shouldn’t opt for WordPress VIP.

Self-hosted WordPress

With self-hosted WordPress, you have a numerous number of plans and options to choose from. There are cheap hosting, free hosting, and costly hosting as well. Thus according to the financial situation and requirements, you can go for the right plan and upgrade as you wish.


Clearly, WordPress VIP represents websites on the higher-end. You should only go for it if you actually require the services they are providing. Otherwise, it can be too much for your needs and a waste of your money. I hope you were able to clarify all your doubts regarding this new hosting avatar.

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