Are you planning to build a blog or website on a low budget? Then going for free hosting would be the right move as it relieves you from the huge burden of paying for hosting on a monthly or yearly basis.

This article lists some of the best free WordPress hosting providers available irrespective of any sort of ranking along with the description of their top features to help you choose the one for hosting your blog/website.


Freehostia is a free hosting provider for WordPress sites. It has been around for 13 years offering 250 MB storage(low compared to other free web hosts), 5GB bandwidth, 3 email accounts, 5 hosted domains with support for MySQL databases.

The coolest fact about Freehostia is that it provides two different kinds of free hosting compared to the rest of the free hosting providers. Apart from their basic hosting services, they also have their own free cloud hosting services as well.

With Freehostia, it is easy to install and switch to premium versions. Having high-level security you can leave your worries of any sort of security threats. Support is offered via live chat, FAQ, and emails.


000Webhost is one of the highly ranked free WordPress hosting providers offering excellent features for its users. You can set it up in a very short time and will not have limitations like that of

Offering 99% uptime guarantee along with large disk space and bandwidth you will not be able to find a match among other web hosts for 000Webhost. It supports PHP and MySQL with no restrictions while offering support for their databases.

Its one-click installation process with instant activation makes setting up an easy task. The amazing customer support offered by their team by live chat, email, and FAQ’s is indeed a striking feature of 000Webhost.


This free WordPress web hosting company situated in the US has been providing hosting services for the past 10 years. Ads or promotional banners are a curse to free hosting services. But, in the case of AccuWebHosting, you do not have to worry about that as it is an ad-free hosting provider.

AccuWebHosting offers you super-fast websites along with custom domains. Security is of zero concern since multi-layer DDoS protection is provided by this free hosting provider. You can even enhance your site’s performance by adding plugins that are optimized for SEO. Should you run into any issues with this hosting, you can seek help from the excellent support team they have. Complimentary backup of your site and Google Apps integration are additional advantages you receive by using this free hosting provider.


Like AccuWebhosting Awardspace is another free WordPress hosting service provider that gives you an ad-free hosting experience. It has been around for the past 15 years offering shared hosting and VPS hosting in addition to free hosting.

This highly flexible and adaptable web host offers a storage capacity of 1GB and a bandwidth of 5GB which is not bad for a free host. With one email account, uptime guarantee, and inbuilt website builder Awardspace is a good choice for your hosting requirements.

With, you can avail of free WordPress hosting and an opensource content management system that is based on PHP and MySQL. Up to 3GB disk space is available for storage and you can even avail automatic updates and backups by choosing as your site’s host.

Additional benefits include the availability of numerous themes, built-in social sharing, tons of guides and tutorials for beginners, and mobile-friendly site creation, etc.


CloudAccess.Net is yet another free hosting service that offers you a bundle of awesome features for starting your website. The top-most feature is that it comes with a basic CCP or Cloud Control Panel features like one-click site replicator and snapshot tools.

Additional features of this free hosting include 500MB Disk Space, 1 CPU Core, 1 GB RAM, Free Subdomain, Unlimited bandwidth, and email addresses, etc. Apart from all these they also offer highly functional cloud servers exclusively for WordPress content management system.

With CloudAccess.Net, you do not have to worry about the safety of your site’s data as they update and back up the data on a daily basis. If you are a beginner and need support in learning about the whole set up, they offer full and free tutorials for you.

 If speed is a concern for you (since you cannot expect good speed from your website that is hosted on a free host) you have it covered in CloudAccess.Net. Because CloudAccess.Net offers better speed for WordPress websites by balancing MySQL and Apache.

What makes a popular choice among other free hosts is that it has got high speed and reliability which are topmost concerns for anyone that wants to build a website. It is a free clustered network with a load-balanced platform that is a unique feature this host provides you.

With this host, you will have full access to the control panel which may not be possible with other hosts. This hosting provides subdomain options in addition to the Addon domain and Parked Domain options. Apart from all the above features, this hosting is also advertisement free and gives SSL on all free hosting domains.


100WebSpace is another name in the list of free hosting service providers. This risk-free hosting service comes with a Web Apps Installer, which helps you launch a blog, photo gallery, etc., in no time and effort.

By choosing 100WebSpace you will have access to a plethora of features including high uptime, bandwidth limit of 3 GB/month, stable highspeed servers, autoresponders, SSL, MySQL database, statistics, instant activation, and file size limit 500 KB, etc.

The greatest part about hosting your WordPress website on 100WebSpace is that you get a friendly-control panel that is multi-lingual to make it easier for you to understand it wholly. If you come up with any issues they offer great support via FAQs, online documentation, and with the video tutorials they provide.


This free cloud hosting service provides unmetered bandwidth and disk space which is not the case with other hosting providers. Apart from that, it supports a wide variety of scriptings including CGI, PHP, SSL, FrontPage extensions, Perl, and Python.

With X10hosting you can avail upload options like FTP, browser, and SiteCopy which is of huge benefit to the users. Its free plan includes two add-on domains, one parked domain, and three subdomains. You are allowed to have 3 email accounts and FTP accounts. This ad-free hosting is worth giving a try considering the number of awesome features it offers.


WPNode is one of the best free WordPress hosting services available offering unlimited WordPress site hosting and 5GB storage space(highest compared to rest of the free web hosts). The super cool part about WPNode is that there are no strict policies to follow.

This ad-free and spam-free hosting platform has full control over the PHP database. Strong security is the highlight of this host which makes it a reliable hosting service provider.


Biz.NF is comparatively a new free hosting service provider that started its service since 2008. This free hosting service provider is created for CMS’s like WordPress and Joomla. Thus, you can avail one-click installation of these CMS’s. They offer 1 GB disk space, 5 GB bandwidth, and an email account along with their hosting.


Free hosting is a great choice for people who are novice at blogging, who likes to experiment or see blogging as a hobby and for students who don’t have enough money to spend on it, etc. But, if you have higher aspirations for your blog/website in terms of its reach among people, free hosting should be avoided.

Low speed and security deficiencies are always the worst drawbacks of such hostings. You will not be able to run your website smoothly without these factors. Thus, choose free hosting only if you are ready to suffer these shortcomings of it.

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