Facebook Shops is a new feature brought by Facebook that allows small business to sync their product catalog to Facebook and start selling their products from the platform itself. All you need is a Facebook business account to set up and run your store on Facebook.

One of the key challenges you would be facing while setting up your store would be syncing your product catalog with that of Facebook’s. To ease the process you can find several free and paid plugins with the automatic product sync feature. 

This article lists some of the best and popular plugins available for the task. Have a look around and make your pick.

Why Use Facebook Shop for Your WooCommerce Store?

Connecting your WooCommerce store with Facebook is a great opportunity to grow your business. There is a lot you can leverage from this social media giant to the benefit of your store. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Sell and promote from a single place

Facebook being the largest social media network makes it easy to connect with your existing and potential customers. You do not have to spend an extra dime on advertising costs to promote your products here. 

  • Stay connected with your customers

You can always keep connected with your new, existing, and prospective customers on Facebook and solve all their queries instantly through Messenger, WhatsApp (to be implemented soon), etc.

  • Easily customize to reflect your brand ideal

Customization is a major plus of this platform. With no coding and design skills, you can customize the visuals, brand elements, custom colors, and layout options for your Facebook store. You can also create a collection of selected products and give your store the look and feel that reflect your brand ideal.

  • Make use of data to make the next best move

You can draw valuable insights and statistics from your shop within your commerce manager account and plan how the rest of your journey would look like. 

  • Flexible checkout

You can allow your customers with seamless checkout experience by letting them make payments without leaving the Facebook app. But it is also possible to redirect customers to your WooCommerce store for payments. 

Best Plugins to Connect your WooCommerce Store with Facebook

Following is a list of all the best plugins you can find to sync your WooCommerce product catalog with Facebook for setting up your store. 

Social Shop for WooCommerce by Store Ya

Social Shop for WooCommerce is another freemium plugin that helps you set up a store on Facebook. It comes with a bunch of powerful features that make selling on Facebook super easy for your store. 

The plugin uses the most updated catalog of your store and imports products to Facebook automatically so you can quickly set up your store. The plugin makes it possible for you to set up your Facebook shop in any language and currency.

The plugin enables setting up different Facebook shops under one account and to display them on unlimited fan pages. It also allows easy management of your Facebook store by making it easy to add new products, create collections, etc. 

In addition to the above features, the plugin brings to you core analytics regarding your store like real-time data of your fans and visitors, campaign analysis, etc., which helps you in further development and growth of your business. 

Product Catalog Sync for Facebook by WebToffee

Product Catalog Sync for Facebook is a free plugin that enables your WooCommerce store to sync its product catalog with Facebook quickly and easily. With the help of the plugin, you can complete the entire store set up on Facebook within a few minutes.

The plugin is easy to set up in your store and comes with some powerful filter options. Using this feature you can exclude selected products/categories from syncing with Facebook. If you have a huge number of products to sync, you can enable batch sync and configure the number of products to be synced in a batch.

Category mapping is made easier by the plugin with its simple and easy to use interface. You can save the mapping and use it for future product syncs. The option to edit existing mapping categories, add new ones, easy management of failed product syncs, etc., make the plugin worth trying out to enable a smooth selling experience on Facebook. 

Facebook for WooCommerce by WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin developed by WooCommerce to help sync WooCommerce products and to sell them via Facebook. The plugin is available in both its free and premium version.

The plugin sends your entire catalog to Facebook with a single click and adds it to your Facebook shop. It allows you to choose the products to be synced or not synced with WooCommerce and how they should be listed on Facebook. 

In addition to that, it also lets you create Facebook and Instagram ads for your products. With the built-in Facebook pixel integration, you can make your ads more relevant, timely, and make use of dynamic ads to retarget customers based on their browsing behavior. 

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram

WooCommerce catalog feed for facebook and instagram

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram is a premium plugin that makes showcasing your WooCommerce products on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping extremely simple and quick. It helps you create and manage unlimited product feeds including simple and variable products. You may set up your Facebook and Instagram shop in any language, as well as target specific locations, using the plugin.

Product feed refreshes at predefined intervals and automatic product syncs are just a few of the many features included in the plugin. The plugin’s intuitive and easy interface makes category and attribute mapping with Google product categories and attributes a breeze. With an option to create product feeds based on your product’s stock quantities and the number of products sold, the ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram will create high-quality product feeds for Facebook and Instagram in just a few simple clicks.
In addition to the features mentioned above, the plugin also has a free version that allows you to try out some of the plugin’s best features before purchasing the premium version.

Social Commerce for WooCommerce by Premium Themes

Social Commerce for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin that allows easy setup, configuration, and automatic category sync of WooCommerce products. It allows you to sync or un-sync products at any time with no limitations on the number of syncs you can do in a day, week, or month.

The plugin ensures seamless integration with Facebook social comments and enables social share of products from the product detail page. It can also be used to automatically pull related products from your store to display on your Facebook shop.

The pro version of the plugin comes with additional features such as custom banners, unlimited product listing on Facebook shop, sync schedule, etc. 

Facebook for WooCommerce by Facebook

It is the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin by Facebook that lets you connect your WooCommerce store to Facebook and sell products. It has a huge number of active installations and offers translation support in eight different languages. 

The plugin helps you upload your WooCommerce product catalog to Facebook, install the Facebook pixel, etc. It is one of the popular plugins for WooCommerce Facebook integration with over 900,000 active installations.

Syncing your WooCommerce Products with Facebook Business Catalog Using the Product Catalog Sync Plugin

Product catalog Sync for Facebook is a great option to connect your WooCommerce store with Facebook. It’s easy to set up and comes with a bunch of helpful features and a user-friendly interface.

Step 1 – Install and Activate the Plugin

The plugin is free to download from the WordPress plugin repository or you can download it directly from here

Now from your WordPress admin go to Plugins > Add new.

Upload the plugin and Activate it.

Step 2 – Integrating WooCommerce with Facebook 

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can proceed to the plugin settings. From the admin go to WooCommerce > Facebook catalog.

The opening window will look as below.

Here you can see all the requirements for integrating Facebook with your WooCommerce store and the relevant links you need to visit to get them done. 

Step 3 – Connect to Facebook Business Account

To proceed with the rest of the synchronization settings you need to connect to your Facebook business account using your login credentials. If you don’t have one already you can create a new one to continue with the process.

On clicking the OK button, the plugin will again redirect you to the manage connection window. Here you can view the catalogs associated with the connected Facebook Business account.

You can click on one of the catalogs to view it in the Facebook catalog manager window. 

Step 4 – Sync WooCommerce Product Catalog with Facebook 

In this step, you can sync the WooCommerce product catalog with the Facebook catalog. You can do it by configuring the given fields.

Select FB catalog – From the first drop-down menu, you can choose the required product catalog identified for syncing.

Exclude Product Categories – Select the product categories that you wish to exclude from syncing with Facebook.

Exclude product tags – Select the product tags you wish to exclude from syncing.

Products per batch – Here you can enable batch sync by giving the number of products that should be synced per batch. It ranges from 10 to 5000, 5000 is the maximum number allowed as per the Facebook limits. 

Click the Next button to go to the category mapping window.

Step 5 – Category Mapping

This is where you map your existing store’s product categories with that of Facebook.

Category mapping is a one time process and the preferences will be saved for future synchronizations as well. However, every time you come across a new category that has not been mapped prior, it will be produced in the mapping section for your confirmation. 

Furthermore, you can always edit your preferences under the Posts > Categories tab.

You can proceed with the sync by clicking on the Map FB categories and Sync button. Now you will be able to view the status of the sync.

Now, by clicking on the Check FB Catalog button you can check to see if all the products have been updated.

The FB catalog manager lists all the synced products within it. 

In this particular example, all products have been synced successfully, but it may not be the case always. If any of the products failed to sync, you can go to the Log section of the plugin and check what caused the issue by clicking on ‘View Status’.

This section is most useful for debugging purposes. 


Facebook has provided us with the greatest opportunity to sell products from where you promote them. How you make use of this opportunity will have a great effect on your business. If you don’t have a Facebook shop already, you can start building one today by choosing one of the plugins listed in the article.

Please share your feedback about the article in the comments to help us add more value to our readers.

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