You might come across several situations in your WooCommerce store where it might require you to export its products. It could be for migrating your store, updating products in bulk, or even for keeping a backup all your product data in case your store runs into any technical glitches.

The default WooCommerce system is incapable of carrying out most of these tasks. Using its basic export feature all you can do is the export of simple products, but if you want to do more you had better go for an export plugin. Product import-export for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins out there for helping you with the purpose. It comes with a bundle of highly flexible and efficient features.

Using this plugin you can export all product types, make use of its advanced filter options, schedule your export, export products to XML formatted file in addition to CSV, perform bulk updates, batch export, product review export, export images as a zip file and much more. This article explains to you how this plugin works and how you can make the most out of it.

Steps for Exporting Products from WooCommerce

Follow the below steps to export products from your WooCommerce store.

Step 1 – Installation of the Plugin

To export products using this plugin you first need to install it in your WooCommmerce store. Once you are done with its installation and set up go to the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Product Im-Ex menu.

product import export plugin navigation

Step 2 – Go to the Export Settings Page of the Plugin

Clicking on the highlighted menu takes you directly to the import settings page of the plugin. As we are concentrating only on the product export process in this article, let’s click on the Export option next to the Import button.

The below screenshot displays the export settings page of the plugin.

export settings window

Step 3 – Configuration of the Settings

  • Offset – In this field, you enter the number of products that you want to skip before the export starts.
  • Limit – This is where you enter the total number of products that you want to export.

In effect, these two fields give you control over the number of products to be exported.

  • Product filter options
    The plugin supports four filter options thereby enabling you to export only the specific products you want.
    • Product types
    • Product categories
    • Product tags
    • Product status
  • Sort columns – Using this option you will be able to sort columns in your exported CSV by post_parent, ID, post_author , post_date , post_title, post_name, post_modified, menu_order, post_modified_gmt , rand , comment_count, etc., chosen from the drop-down.
  • Delimiter – In this field, you can give a preferred delimiter which is set as comma by default.
  • Mapping profile – With this option, you will be able to choose a previously saved mapping file from the drop-down for the impending export so that you can avoid having to go through the mapping process again.
  • Column mapping – If you do not wish to proceed with any available saved mapping file you can create a new column mapping profile for the export.
  • Save the export mapping – Once you are done with export column mapping, you can save it for future use.
  • Export images as Zip file – You can choose either yes or no to export or not export product images as a zip file.
  • By clicking on the Export products CSV/XML button, the below CSV (only partial as the window can’t contain all the exported columns) gets exported.
exported CSV

Product Review Export

This plugin allows you to export and download your product reviews in CSV format and also to import product reviews into your WooCommerce store.

Here is an explanation of how you can export product reviews using this plugin.

product review export
  • Limit – You can give the number of product reviews you want to export. The plugin supports an unlimited number of product reviews.
  • Product review filters by
    • Date
    • Products
    • Stars
    • Customer/Guest reviews
  • Review with replies – By enabling this checkbox you will be able to export reviews with replies.

Map the columns and click Export product reviews button and have all the intended product reviews exported.

Batch Product Export

Batch product export feature offered by this plugin processes the product records in batches. Hence the plugin recommends you to use this feature as an option to overcome memory limitations or low timeout interval.

batch product export

In order to start the batch export process, all you have to do is map the columns and give a batch count (the batch count is the number of records that the server can process for every iteration within the configured time interval. If the number fails you can lower it accordingly and try again) in the appropriate field.

Now by clicking the button Start Export, the batch export process will begin.


As export processes can get difficult at times, the best bet is to use a product import/export plugin in your WooCommerce store. I hope you were able to understand the working of the above-mentioned plugin properly with the help of this article.

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