Product data comprises of various components. There are product titles, descriptions, stock status, product images, etc., that are considered product data as a whole. Product images are the most important among them.

The default WooCommerce system doesn’t provide you with the option to export images from your store. Thus it will require you to add an image export extension to your store for carrying out the task. WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin would be an ideal choice for exporting images from your store.

Apart from allowing you to easily export images and other product data, it also generates thumbnails, re-use product images from the media library, etc.

Most remarkably, this plugin offers you two different ways to export images,

1) As a CSV/XML file along with other product data.

2) As a separate ZIP file exclusively for images.

The latter method is useful when you have a large number of files to import or when you are experiencing slowness during the import process. This article will take you through the entire process of exporting products with images and for giving you a better understanding of the plugin.

Steps for Exporting WooCommerce Products with Images

By following the below steps you will be able to export WooCommerce products with images.

Step 1- Installation of the Plugin

You first need to install this plugin in your WooCommerce store to get started with the export process. Once you are done with its installation and set up, go to the export settings page of the plugin.

export settings

Step 2 – Set up and configuration

Consider the example, in which the below ten products need to be exported along with their images.

store products to be exported

Now, if you are exporting these products using the first method – in which product images are exported into a CSV, it will require you to choose the field Export images as a zip file as “No” from the drop-down, before proceeding with the Export CSV/XML button. But as it’s been set No by default, you wouldn’t have to bother about this option.

export images as CSV

This will download a CSV file containing all product data along with the URL path to images.

Here is the exported CSV of the products.

exported CSV including images URL

If you are exporting images as a ZIP file ie; the second method. In the export settings page, you are going to have to choose Export images as a ZIP file option “yes” from the drop-down.

export images as zip file

Now click the button Export Product’s Images. This will download a ZIP file containing exported product images.

Next, when you click the Export Products CSV/XML button, a CSV will be downloaded where only product names will be visible instead of product image URLs.

Here is a screenshot of the CSV.

CSV with only image names


Exporting products won’t be a concern anymore if you add this plugin to your WooCommerce store. I hope the article has clearly explained everything you will need to know.

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