Can you ever imagine waking up to losing all your WordPress website’s data to a server crash? It must be a very scary thought for anyone running a website. It could even become a reality if you do not have a proper measure on your website to keep the backup of its data.

Besides server crash, you could also lose your site’s data to hacks, malware, deleted files, by running bad commands, and even by a simple user error. Thus, without a backup in place, you could lose your entire site’s data forever. Hence, here is a bunch of the best WordPress backup plugins you can choose from to use on your website for keeping its data safe.


Updraftplus backup plugin

Updraft Plus is the most rated plugin among all the WordPress backup plugins available so far. This backup plugin comes with a bundle of advanced features to help keep your website fully functioning. The security of the data is of great priority to this plugin. Hence it lets you encrypt the backup and to send it over to cloud storage.

Its easy-to-use interface plays a huge role in keeping this plugin atop. With Updraftplus you can backup and restore your website’s data on an appropriate schedule with just a single click. This plugin would be an ideal choice for carrying out all the manual or scheduled backups for your site. Schedules can be fixed for every 4, 8, 12 hours or on a daily, weekly, and fortnight basis.

In addition to the above features, cloning and migration can also be done using this plugin. Incremental backup is a stunning new feature offered by this plugin which allows you to only backup the changes to your files that have been made since the previous backup. Network/ Multisite backup, advanced reporting and emailing capabilities, etc., can be enabled smoothly using this plugin. UpdraftPlus is capable of the backup of limitless WordPress files and external databases and sites up to the size of 100GB.


Backwpup backup plugin

BackWPup is another great choice for the smooth backup of your WordPress website. You can do a complete backup of all files with this plugin and also restore them automatically. With BackWPup you have multiple possibilities for backup such as backup of the data on your own webspace, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Amazon Glacier, FTP(s), S3 services, Google Drive, Cloud files and to even your own SugarSync.

This plugin offers you many other cool features including a standalone app for emergency restore, WordPress XML-Export, and automatic updates via Inpsyde, etc. Multisite backup is possible with this plugin in addition to the log file administration, database check, and excellent support offered by BackWPup. Various Wizards or set up assistants provided by the plugin lets you easily execute system tests, create backup jobs, and import job settings, etc for your site. Thus, all in all, BackWPup is a great choice for installing on your website.


WordPress backup plugin

BackupBuddy is a great tool to backup your WordPress files in only just a few clicks. Unlike other plugins, it backs up the entire WordPress installation while ensuring you have a copy of all your website’s files.

In addition to the complete WordPress website backup (database+ all WP files), it also performs scheduled backups automatically and restores your site quickly. This plugin even automatically sends your backup files to various remote WordPress backup storage locations such as BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You get to customize backup contents to run either database, files-only, or complete backups with the help of this plugin. After the completion of the backup, you get to download a zip file of your entire WordPress website with the help of this plugin. Apart from carrying out backups, you can also use this plugin to migrate or move your WordPress website from one host to another, to change your domain/URL, for URL replacement, etc.


WordPress backup plugin

Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin for backup and migration of your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can enable backup to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 for safe storage of your website’s backup data.

One of the plus points of this plugin is that it is super easy to use and offers multisite support for its users. Large site support and instant email notification of the backup status(es) are some other advantages of this plugin. Scheduled backups are flexible than ever with Duplicator. Hence, Duplicator is indeed a good choice when it comes to the best WordPress backup plugins.

WP Database Backup

WordPress backup plugin

This free backup plugin for WordPress enables a one-click back up and restore of all your website’s data. You also get to enable automatic backup on a schedule. With WP database backup you can back up the WordPress files in multiple remote storage locations like Dropbox, FTP, Email, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.

This plugin is super easy to install on your site and only requires a simple configuration for its set up. Database backup list pagination is another striking feature you can avail of by having this plugin on your website.

Backup Guard

WordPress backup plugin

This WordPress backup plugin helps you carry out full or custom backups of your WordPress website with just one click. Restoring the data is even easier with this plugin.

The backup guard lets you automatically upload all your backups to any cloud of your choice including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and One drive. Scheduled automatic backups are well managed by Backup Guard. Besides that, your scheduled backups can also be customized and uploaded to the cloud. It is easy to download any of your backups any time you want it. In addition to it, you can import backups from your local PC or any cloud.

Advanced customization options provided by Backup Guard lets you select the files and database tables to be uploaded. In order to avoid issues from the part of PHP both backup and restore processes are performed in chunks by this plugin.

BlogVault Backups

WordPress backup plugin

BlogVault is an ideal choice if you have a large site to back up. Its incremental backup feature makes sure that your server never overloads. You don’t even need to have any technical knowledge to make sure that the backup and restore works properly.

With BlogVault, backup of your data can be sent to remote storage locations that ensure 24×7 availability. BlogVault claims to be the first plugin that provides Multi-site backup support. Fast restore is also a great feature of this plugin. Besides that, you can even enable differential restore for faster recovery of the backup data. If you are running a WooCommerce store, BlogVault is a perfect solution to backup all of your store’s orders as and when they take place.

The protection of your website’s data is of top priority for this plugin. Hence, BlogVault comes with MalCare which performs daily, automatic, and on-demand malware scanning along with one-click malware removal. Intelligent firewall to protect from bots & hackers and CAPTCHA- based login protection are additional advantages of MalCare security.


Backup plugins are must-have for all websites as you can’t compromise with the security of the data contained in it. Thus, you should get your website a backup plugin with easy backup and restore facilities. I hope this article helps you in choosing the best backup plugin for your WordPress website.

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