In this highly competitive world of eCommerce, getting your store’s products viewed by a large audience can be very hard to achieve. Getting past your competitors’ products would be a heavy task where you will have to seek external help to get it done.

A product feed plugin is one such solution. It allows you to display your products on multiple marketing channels, price comparison websites, affiliate networks, etc. With the increased visibility of your store’s products, it is sure to grow sales. Here is a list of both premium and free product feed plugins and their major features to make it easy for you to choose the right one for your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Product Feed & Sync Manager

WooCommerce product feed plugin

This WooCommerce product feed plugin will help you easily generate Google product feeds and Facebook product feeds. The plugin also supports the Facebook catalog sync method to sync WooCommerce products to the Facebook catalog.

A main advantage of using this plugin is that it simplifies the process of product feed generation with its simple UI. The user interface is similar to the WordPress interface and will feel familiar.

You can add additional fields like Brand, GTIN, MPN, etc to the WooCommerce product edit page using this plugin. It also allows you to map attributes and categories for the relevant sales channel. This way you can ensure that Google or Facebook will clearly identify your products and displays them better. 

The plugin provides multiple auto-feed refresh intervals which you can choose to update the feed automatically. So any change in the inventory or stock will automatically reflect in the relevant sales channel. 

Check out our in-depth review of the WebToffee product feed plugin.

Apart from that, the plugin also has multilingual and multi-currency support through WPML. You can manage (download, refresh or delete) all the generated feeds from one place. This product feed plugin also has a free version available in the WordPress plugin library with some basic features.

WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

webappick product feed plugin

This product feed plugin is a great choice for creating WooCommerce product feeds for multiple popular shopping and price comparison engines like Google Shopping or Google Merchant, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, eBay, Bing Shopping, Price Grabber, Price Runner, Nextag, Amazon seller and more. 

The plugin performs automatic feed generation and product data update at scheduled intervals thereby saving you from an otherwise time-consuming task. It also syncs your store’s product to various shopping engines via HTTP or FTP thereby making it highly visible for buyers to spot and to lead them to make purchases.

The plugin comes with smart filters so that you can easily avoid non-profitable, out of season, hidden, or drafted products from getting into the feed. Besides that, you can also filter products based on their product titles, user ratings, price, availability of stocks, total sales, etc., thereby saving a substantial amount on your products’ advertising cost.

As different types of WooCommerce users have different types and classes of products & services, they might need varieties of custom value to demonstrate their products. With this plugin, you have the option to set dynamic attributes as per your need. Plus, you can generate a data feed file according to search engine requirements without changing your store’s attributes.

Flexibility in the usage of custom taxonomy, feed making in batches, category mapping, extended product titles, multilanguage feed, support for multivendor plugins, and 20+ predefined templates for sites like PriceSpy, Pinterest, Bing shopping, Idealo, Kelko, Scroutz, etc., are other functionalities offered by this plugin.

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager lets you generate flawless product feeds for 170+ major online marketplaces within minutes. Right now, it has the most user-friendly interface for generating feeds with WooCommerce products. Generating a WooCommerce product feed was never this easy and this plugin will help you maximize your conversion without wasting your time and effort.

Along with its simple interface, you can use advanced features such as category mapping, product rules, dynamic pricing, custom fields for unique identifiers, etc features to make your feed compatible with your preferred merchants.You can easily include/ exclude specific products, then its category filter, custom filter, product filter, tag filter can make this happen without any issues.

Even when you don’t find the desired merchant on its pre-made templates list, you can create a completely custom feed for your merchant. That makes the Product Feed Manager one of the most effective plugins that can bring you more sales.

CTX Feed Pro – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

CTX Feed Pro - WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

CTX Feed Pro – WooCommerce product feed manager plugin, streamlining the creation and management of WooCommerce product feeds for over 130+ marketing channels, including Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Creating a WooCommerce product feed using CTX Feed -WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin has become easier than ever before.

This plugin provides a user-friendly interface, offering over 130+ pre-designed templates and advanced features such as conditional mapping, product filtering, and automatic feed updates. With 70,000+ active users and 522+ five-star ratings, the CTX Feed plugin offers customizable templates, automated scheduling, and real-time data synchronization. This functionality facilitates a broader audience reach, contributing to increased sales and improved product visibility.

ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

With the help of this powerful and effective plugin, you may automatically generate product feeds for your Google Shopping ads. According to the business goals of your store, you can customize your product feed. Additionally, you can create refresh schedules to guarantee that your product feed is regularly updated automatically.

There is no restriction on how many product feeds can be generated by this plugin. This plugin is one of the most user-friendly alternatives due to its advanced category and attributes mapping capabilities. Furthermore, a number of file formats, including TSV, CSV, and XML, can be used to create product feeds.

You will also have the option to remove particular product types from the product feed. Additionally, the plugin provides an intuitive user interface that makes handling multiple feeds an easy task. You can also specify which products shouldn’t be added to the product feed. The ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin simplifies the management of multiple products feeds by enabling you to view, edit, duplicate, save, and delete them; making it one of the best Google product feed plugins available in the market.

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

Adtribes I0 product feed

This plugin is one of the best free tools available for generating product feeds for your WooCommerce store. It fully supports various marketing channels like Google shopping, Facebook remarketing, Bing ads,, Pricerunner,, and more. With this product feed plugin, there is no limit to the number of product feeds you can create and to the number of products you can add to those product feeds. 

The plugin comes with powerful filters and rules so you can set advanced filtering for each marketing channel in order to ensure that only your most profitable/popular products get into the feed. This way you will be able to exclude your low-margin, low-stock, and similar categories of products from the feed.

Attributes are a very important component in product feeds. The more attributes you add to the product feed, the better chances you will have in your products getting listed in your desired marketing channels. With this plugin, you are in full control of including or excluding various attributes in the product feed and all three types of attributes (custom attributes, dynamic attributes, and product attributes) are supported by this plugin.

Category mapping is another cool feature offered by this plugin. With this feature mapping of your categories to the categories of various marketing channels can be easily done. Some of the shopping engines like Google shopping consider it mandatory. 

Advanced support for Google shopping, shipping classes(so that the right shipping cost ends up in your product feed), product variations, WPML, and WCML (WooCommerce Multilanguage), etc., make this plugin a great companion for your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce product feed manager claims to be the number one product feed marketing tool for the WordPress E-Commerce world. With this easy to install option, you will be able to display your products on all price comparison sites, affiliate networks, product aggregators, and selling channels worldwide. 

With its advanced filter options, you can easily remove seasonal products, unprofitable products, or out of stock products, etc., from appearing in the product feeds. You can set your own scheduled update interval so that your store products are automatically updated in it. 

Optimization of your product feed holds great importance as it helps you to increase the visibility of your products across different marketing & selling platforms. You can do it easily with the help of the plugin by improving product titles, descriptions, changing pricing, quantity, etc. Advanced category mapping, easy channel management with channel templates, etc., are other remarkable features offered by this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Feed Export

WooCommerce product feed export

This is another free plugin to create and export a WooCommerce product feed. Using this plugin you will be able to generate and export product feeds for more than 40 merchant channels. Including Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. 

You are allowed to schedule a time interval for the auto-update of your store’s products with this plugin. Including product variations in feeds, implementing best-selling practices for each merchant, mapping local product categories to merchant categories, etc., are the most useful features offered by this plugin.


Adding a WooCommerce product feed plugin to your store would be one of the best decisions you have ever made in improving your store. I hope this article helps you make the right pick.

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