One of the best ways to share your ideas and views to the world is by creating a blog online. If you are a journalist, photographer, traveler, story-teller, or you like to write just for the fun of it, your ideas are worth sharing with the world.

WordPress is hands down the best choice of blogging platform for bloggers. If you are starting out as a blogger with not much of technical expertise to start a blog is the best choice. Even if you are an expert developer, WordPress is the way to go about creating a blog. Because the capabilities that WordPress provides as a blogging platform is unbelievable.

When starting a blog, the way the contents of the blog looks and is presented is as important as the content itself. Users will not stick around to read the content if they find the presentation of the content is unpleasant. Even if the users stay for the quality content, then it will create a bad reading experience for them. This will have a serious effect on the traffic to the website.

How your blog looks and is presented is determined by the theme that you install and activate in your WordPress blog. There is no shortage of themes for WordPress. There is an overwhelming amount of themes available online and searching through all of them can prove to be a headache.

So for selecting a theme for a blog, there are certain specific things to be considered.

  • Understand your target audience. This is really important for you to select the right theme. This will help in making the decision if you understand the age group they fall into and their interests.
  • The theme should put all the main focus on the content of the website. The design should be such that the content of the website is put in the forefront and all the attention goes to the content.
  • Go minimalist with the design. Cluttering the design with unnecessary design elements, animations, colors, etc. will make the blog look awful and will divert the attention from the content itself.
  • The typography of the content. Once the user finds the content interesting or useful enough to be engaged with, the next step is to help them read it without any difficulty. The content has to have typography that improves the readability of the blog. The right type of font that matches the personality of the blog, with proper font size, line height, and line spacing.
  • The theme has to be responsive. More and more people are turning to mobile devices for accessing online content. Reading a content that has to be constantly scrolled back and forth or zoomed in or out in a mobile device makes for very poor user experience. People will not take your blog seriously if you are not careful enough to check whether your website is responsive or not. Also, losing all the traffic from mobile devices is not a good idea. So, a theme has to be responsive to be able to reach people on the go.
  • The theme should match with what your blog is all about. The design of the theme should be appropriate for the content.
  • The speed of the blog. The fact that Google ranks websites that loads faster than others and that the readers expect the website to load in less than three seconds can seriously affect the ranking of your blog if you go for a slow loading blog.
  • Optimized for SEO. The code of the theme should be properly optimized for SEO. If you are not an expert to know if the theme is optimized for SEO, then look for the description of the theme and see if they have mentioned it in their description. Now, there are a lot of plugins that facilitate the SEO of the plugin. The theme should compatible with these plugins or at least with the ones that you are using.
  • Social media integration. This is really important to get the far and wide reach for your content. The first steps of reaching out to people with your blog start from social media. Make sure that the theme comes with social media buttons that allow your content to be shared on social media.
  • Easy Customization. People will always want that unique look to their website. It is not an ideal situation to have a blog that looks similar to some or blog(s). But when getting a theme, it is hard to get one that has not been used by other people. So, the best way to make the website look unique is to customize the theme. The theme should be easy to customize especially if the person using the theme is not technically proficient.
  • The type of support they provide. Support offered by the theme’s developers is really important especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. You will need technical assistance in case you run into any issues.

You can read more about the things that you need to consider before getting a theme here.

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of themes for WordPress. Some themes come as the multi-purpose theme. In such cases, a single theme can be used for creating any kind of website that serves any kind of purpose. But this article focuses on themes that are meant only for blogs. To help you find the perfect theme for your blog, I have listed some of the best themes for blogging so that you don’t end up with a theme just because you were done searching for one.


Travel Time

Travel time WordPress theme

Travel Time is a well-designed minimalist theme for travel agencies, hotels, and travel blogs. The theme is just right for showcasing your best travel destinations and travelogues. The theme has a minimalist design that captures the beauty of the blog in the right way. The theme uses subtle animations and the parallax scrolling in the right amount to make the website a little bit more exciting.

The features of the theme include sliders for showcasing all the wonderful images of your travel blog or website. The theme comes with a drag-and-drop Content Composer with more than 99 custom shortcodes. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to easily edit, and compose the contents of your pages even if you are not very technically informed. The theme comes with multiple layouts for the blog. Also, with this theme, you don’t have to worry about plugin compatibility. The theme is compatible with many popular plugins including WooCommerce and Events Calendar Pro.

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Travelista WordPress theme

Travelista is a simple and elegant theme for travel bloggers. A very user-friendly theme that is just the right one to tell all your stories and experiences from all around the world. Integrated with social media, you can widen your reach and let the world know all about your adventures with this theme.

The features of the theme include 9 post formats,  9 different layouts for blog and archive pages, and 3 different layouts for single pages. The theme is translation ready and also supports RTL layout.  The theme is easily customizable so that you can make the blog feel more unique and bring out the design that best suits your blog.

The theme is completely responsive and gives a very good user experience despite the size of the screen it is viewed upon, which you can also disable if you ever find the need to. The theme provides free support for up to 6 months and their response time is up to 1 day.

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Food Blog

Food blog WordPress theme

This WordPress theme is specifically for food blogs. The theme has a very attractive and interactive interface that engages the users. The theme allows you to add recipes with step-by-step instructions, add the ingredients separately, and manage the ingredients, add the nutritional information, and bookmark the recipe. Being integrated with social media, it lets the users easily share the recipe with their friends and followers you can easily widen your reach. The users can also log in and leave a review for a recipe or share their experiences.

As charming the theme looks, it is also very user-friendly and easy to work with. All you need to do is add your recipe, drag and drop images and videos and you will have your own wonderful food blog. You can also let your users submit recipes using a simple submission form.

The theme is fully responsive that gives a flawless viewing experience on any device. The theme supports Google Rich Snippets to boost your SEO rankings. The theme is supported by Osetin and gives a response within a day.

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Recipe WordPress theme

Recipe is yet another wondrous food blog theme for WordPress users that is perfect for showcasing your delicious recipes. The theme has a full-screen slider that allows you to display your most appealing photographs of different food and their recipes. All the recipes in the theme are organized in a very neat and clean grid on the home page. The individual pages of the recipes include the ingredients and step-by-step instructions, nutritional facts of the food item, additional information like the preparation time, number of servings, cooking time, etc.

The pages also include comments from different users and also recommend similar recipes to the users. The theme is integrated with social media so that your users can share your recipes with other people.

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Foodica WordPress theme

Foodica is an ideal theme for creating an online magazine, blog, or websites that are based on food. One of the best parts of Foodica is its minimalist design. The whole interface is designed for just exhibiting the blogs and its contents. There are no unnecessary design elements, and the use of white space is great.

The features of the theme include a theme options panel, 10 color schemes, a visual customizer, ad zones for banners, shortcodes for recipes, image box, grid and blog styles for posts, slideshows for posts and pages, social media integration, infinite scroll and many more.

Foodica is an easily customizable theme that allows you to customize your blog in real-time and you don’t have to know a word of coding to get the desired look for your blog. The theme has a completely responsive layout that looks great on any device, be it desktop, laptop, smartphones, or tablets.

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Photography WordPress theme

Photography is a very popular WordPress theme that is meant specifically for photography blogs. The theme comes with multiple demos for both dark and light themes. The features of the theme include more than 70 gallery and portfolio layouts, progressive image loading and infinite scroll to improve the speed of the site, and many more features that will help change your dream of a photography blog into a stunning reality. The theme protects all your work with various options like password protection, right-click protection, and image dragging protection.

The theme gives a very good value for money with the additional premium plugins that you get integrated with it. You can try for free how easy the theme is to customize. The theme sets up a demo WordPress website for you to play around and see what you can do with the theme before even buying the theme.

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Core WordPress theme

Core Minimalist photography portfolio is minimalist photography, portfolio, personal website template. The theme has a minimalist design approach that accentuates the contents of the website.

Core is a very popular website with 3 homepage styles, full-screen slideshow for photo gallery, 4 portfolio styles, has two different skin – both dark and light, multiple layouts for gallery, video portfolio, a blog page with the ability for the users to post comment on the posts and suggests similar article to the users.

The theme is completely responsive that gives the optimal viewing experience for the users using any kind of device. The theme is supported by ThemeGoods by submitting a ticket and they have a response time of one day.

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Glossy WordPress fashion theme

One of the most popular ways of making money through blogging is by affiliate linking. Glossy is designed to help the users monetize their blogs with affiliate marketing. With Glossy you can monetize your blog by putting affiliate links anywhere on your site. You can put your affiliate link anywhere on a page, a banner, or even create a whole page for affiliation.

Monetizing is not just the main feature that it provides. The theme comes with 7 different blog layouts, 12 shortcodes, easy organization of videos with Video Series, and many other features that makes a perfect fashion blog.

Glossy is a well-documented and well-supported theme and it is completely responsive.

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Look WordPress fashion theme

Look has all the looks that you need to create a fashion blog or magazine. The interface of the theme is elegant with a very neat and clean design. The theme comes in multiple remarkably beautiful demos all with a one-click installer. Look has a drag-and-drop page builder for fast and simple page creation and customization.

Look brings with more than 100 options to customize any element without requiring you to know any coding. It also supports infinite scrolling system, and ins integrated with WooCommerce plugin to easily change your website to an e-commerce website. The theme is completely responsive and comes with 6 months of free support.

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Rishi multipurpose blogging theme

If you’re looking for a multipurpose blogging WordPress theme, look no further. Rishi is a core web vitals optimized WordPress theme with several ready-to-import starter sites that suit all kinds of blogging niches.

Rishi is a beast when it comes to speed and performance. It boasts less than 500 milliseconds loading time and a 100% speed score.

Likewise, the theme has a fully responsive and mobile-friendly build that adapts to all devices and screen sizes. 

You can even design the layouts and elements of your website using powerful WordPress tools like Elementor and Gutenberg. In addition, Rishi offers over 1000 Google fonts, unlimited color combinations, and advanced typography for flexible customization. 

Besides, Rishi includes advanced typography settings and color palettes. You can effortlessly tweak these settings and improve the visual aesthetics of your eCommerce site.

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