With bbPress Import & Export Plugin for WordPress plugin, you can import all bbPress Forums, Topics, and Replies in the bulk from CSV file to your online store, easily.

Now, let us get an understand the importing of a CSV file containing bbPress Forums, Topics, and Replies details. You can download Sample CSV of bbPress Forum Import Export to get the format of a CSV file.

Select bulk Import Precess as an option from Select import method dropdown list as shown below:

Import window Import window

Click Import to bbPress, the window appears as shown below:

Import window Import window
  1. Method 1: Select a file from your computer. Click Choose File to browse a required CSV file from your computer.
  2. Method 2: Provide FTP Details. If your CSV file is on a server, then to import it,  you need to do FTP settings as given below:
    1. Select the checkbox to enable FTP import/export.
    2. Enter FTP Server Host/IP.
    3. Enter FTP User Name.
    4. Enter FTP Password.
    5. Enter FTP Server Path.
    6. Select the checkbox to use FTPS.
  3. You get the mapping file option(s) for auto-mapping only if you save the mapped fields with a user defined file name while Mapping the fields. Select the required mapping file from the Select a mapping file drop-down list as shown below:
    Mapping File Mapping File
  4. Enter the delimiter which separates the mapping values.
  5. Click Upload file and Import. The import window appears as shown below:
    Import Window Import Window
  6. You can map the fields(Woocommerce fields) with column headings ( CSV file header). Map a particular field of Map to column by using Column header  drop-down list as shown below:
    Mapping the Field Mapping the Field

    Select a required option from the drop-down list. Here, eh_user_name  is mapped to Post User Name.

    Note: Mapping is very helpful if you are importing CSV from some other e-Commerce platform like Magento.

  7. Use Evaluation field to fix/update the required value for the particular field.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. According to CSV file, the user(s) gets added to your online store. The import window appears as shown below:
    User Import Window User Import Window
  10. You can see the imported Forum as shown below:
    Imported Forum Imported Forum

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    Imported Topics are as shown below:

    Imported Topic Imported Topic

    Imported Replies are as shown below:

    Imported Replies Imported Replies

    Check out our bbPress Import & Export Plugin for WordPress.

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