Branding your business is as important as your business itself. That’s why most people start branding and promotional activities way before they actually set up their business.

There are many major and minor components that go into an effective branding of your business. Having your own business email is an important one among them.

How can you set up an email for your business? There are many paid and free solutions to help you do it.

You will find this article helpful if you are looking for the best and cost-free way to set up a professional email address for your business.

Importance of Professional Email Address

  • To earn customer trust by projecting your professionalism.
  • To promote your brand.
  • To keep away from getting spammed.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Free Email Service for Your Business

When you choose an email provider for your business it is important to note certain factors. Once you know about these factors, it would be much easier for you to choose the right one by eliminating the not so good ones.


Choose an email host that provides at least 99.99 percent uptime. This will ensure that you hardly ever run into issues with email. Emails will always be available and your customers will find it easier to communicate with your business.

Ease of Use

Avoid the ones that take up a lot of time to set up emails. It may not be a problem if you have a small business with a few employees. But as your business grows and you have more of them, you may have to look for another provider that easily manages setting up emails.


Lack of storage for your emails should never be an issue when you are running a business. Having enough storage space is important to manage your business efficiently. Thus go for an email service provider that offers enough storage space for you.

Spam filters

Spam emails are a headache for anyone. Make sure that your email service provider has a powerful spam filter feature in place. This will avoid wasting your precious time clearing out the inbox from unwanted emails.

Security and Privacy

Security measures taken by your email service provider for protecting the valuable data of your business should be evaluated before you make your choice. If they can’t guarantee the security of your data you had better not choose them as your email provider.

Integration with Other Business Tools

It will be easier for you to manage emails and its data if your email service provider has great integration with other business tools such as calendar, notes, contact management, etc.

Here are some top free email service providers you can try for your business.

Zoho Mail

business email service provider

Zoho mail is one of the popular tools to create free business emails for your organization. It provides you with a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service to host your business emails.

We all know how important security is when it comes to choosing your email host. Zoho ensures it by encrypting data at both ends (at rest and in transit). Unwavering authentication processes and compliance with international security standards make Zoho Mail a reliable email hosting service for users who are concerned with the security of their data.

Having a custom domain that is both stylish and unique is important for the branding of your business, which you can easily enable with Zoho. Its powerful control panel lets you easily manage the configuration and customization of your emails.

Email retention is another grand feature you can avail of with Zoho. This feature allows you to retain emails across your organization for a specified period to avoid legal conflicts or for keeping up with the company standards. Along with retention, you can retrieve these emails easily with their e-Discovery feature.

business email service provider

Outlook – formerly known as Hotmail – is the free email service provided by Microsoft. Being a Microsoft product, it has a reputation that you look forward to a free business email. It is backed by enterprise-grade security that protects your privacy. You will have free access to Microsoft office so you can easily collaborate with Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

You can also chat in real-time with Skype right from your inbox. Outlook’s built-in calendar helps you keep track of appointments and to schedule meetings. Those who need an upgrade of these features can go for an Office 365 subscription that offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, and 1 TB of cloud storage, etc.

Yahoo Mail

business email service provider


Yahoo isn’t a fully free email service. You will have to spend an amount as low as $1.19 per month to set up an email for your business. But Yahoo offers you some incredible features at this low cost which almost makes it free.

Yahoo offers you auto-deletion of trash messages after 90 days, 1 TB storage capacity, built-in web search tool, calendar, and notepad. Spam filters and SSL encryption are also offered by this email service provider.

GMX Mail

business email service provider

With GMX mail you can benefit from some awesome features. Its excellent email storage capacity lets you hold up to half a million emails in your inbox. It comes with a mail collector software that lets you keep emails from different accounts in one place.

Its built-in online calendar allows you to schedule and organize your business efficiently. The advanced free antivirus program and powerful spam filters keep your data safe from any threat. If you don’t already have a domain you can get it for free with GMX. The ability to send large files and email archive solutions make GMX a popular choice among small business owners.


Although free email plans are a huge money saver, you might face certain difficulties with the service as your business grows. Free services won’t be able to satisfy your growing needs. Then you will be left with the only choice to move to another email provider. Thus if it’s possible you should go for a reputed paid plan.

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