Are you disappointed with the current conversion rate of your WooCommerce store? Or are you tired of trying, again and again, the same mundane conversion practices that do not work anymore? Then, you must be on the lookout for some easy new techniques that will help you in increasing your WooCommerce store’s conversion rates.

This article has listed some very effective techniques that have been proved to improve your store’s conversion rate on a higher margin. So, read on and try the suitable ones from the below list in your WooCommerce store to see the change.

Faster Loading Pages

There is nothing that can adversely affect your store’s conversion rate more than slow loading pages. The more you make your visitors wait the less are the chances you get to convert them to your store’s customers. Nevertheless, on the brighter side, if you have a faster loading website then half of your job is done in achieving better conversion rates.

Creating a Sence of Urgency

There are mainly two kinds of visitors that come to a store. Visitors who like to go through your store’s products just for the sake of fun, with no intention of buying anything. The other kind that wishes to make purchase end up by only adding products to wishlists.

There is not much you can do about the first kind as they have no intention of buying whatsoever. Thus, you should target the latter for increasing your store’s conversion rate. And all they need is a push to make the purchase. This is what you will accomplish by creating a sense of urgency or a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect in your store.

There are many ways to create this effect in your store. The most effective ones are given below.

  • By creating a sense of scarcity
  • Set a deadline for all your discounts.
  • Run daily deals
  • By promoting sales deadline on your home page
  • Tag out of stock products
  • Provide custom offers to your customers by tracking their shopping behavior
  • By letting your visitors know the product’s demand

Smooth Checkout Experience

Checkout is the final step in completing an online transaction. What if your store’s checkout process goes wrong or takes up a lot of time? This will leave your customers in panic and they will exit your store without making the intended purchase. Complicated checkout experience is one of the major reasons behind cart abandonment.

You can avoid losing sales over this issue by providing your potential customers with the best checkout experience possible in your store. What are the steps you need to take in your WooCommerce store for providing a faster and secure checkout experience in it?

Here is a checklist for improving your store’s checkout experience

  • Provide multiple payment options for your customers to check out from your store
  • Enable guest checkout so that your customers are able to purchase products without registering to your store
  • Clearly display all costs, do not make your customers rack their brain about any hidden costs
  • Keep your checkout page free from any kind of distractions
  • Reduce the number of fields on your checkout page
  • Add registration form after the transaction
  • Display a progress bar so that your customers know where they are at the checkout process
  • Ensure the security of transactions and your customer’s data using good security plugins in your store
  • Include a trust seal on your checkout page for increasing customer’s trust towards your store

Include Product Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are strong catalysts for boosting your WooCommerce store’s conversion rate. Most people have a tendency to purchase products based on product reviews. Hence including these on your website is strongly recommended to increase your store’s conversion rate.

Genuine reviews whether good or bad increase your store’s credibility. And credibility is one of the factors people consider while purchasing products. Once they read the review of the product, they become sure about purchasing or not purchasing a particular product. Hence, you should give ample attention to ask your customers for their review without causing any inconvenience to them. It is considered best to ask for reviews from your customers at least 24 hours after the purchase is made.

In addition to improving conversion rate customer reviews also help in better search engine results for your WooCommerce store. Since positive reviews get more clicks from customers it will increase your site’s traffic thereby leading to a higher ranking of your WooCommerce store in search results.

Provide the Best Mobile Experience

Backed by various studies made on online shopping trends, it is deduced that the majority of the shopping is made from mobile devices. This testifies how important it is to have a mobile-friendly store. The design, layout, and theme you have chosen for your store altogether determine your store’s mobile-responsiveness. Hence, changing all these once you have built your store would be difficult. Providing better mobile experience include mobile-friendly payment gateways, newsletters, etc.

Offer a Good Return Policy

While purchasing products online people are not able to see the products for real they will have to make their decision by looking at the images provided on respective eCommerce sites. This persuades them to go for online stores that provide a satisfying refund policy so they can make their purchase peacefully.

Thus, having a generous refund policy is proved marketing strategy that can bring a lot of sales to your store as people aren’t afraid to make purchases from your store. You also need to display it on your website so that people find it easily.

Track Customer Behaviour

Tracking customer behavior can help you to a great extent in increasing your WooCommerce store’s conversion rate. There are many tools available to help you track your customer’s behavior.

By enabling tracking you will have great insight into how logged in visitors are engaging with your store, which traffic source generates more revenue for your store and it even lets you track cart abandonment rates in order to find out the reason behind it. Apart from that, you can even compare the behavior of logged in users and guest users and draw conclusions that will help improve your store’s performance in the future.


The above-given techniques are truly going to help you increase your WooCommerce store’s conversion rate. Applying these techniques into your store in an order that you find relevant to your store’s condition will gradually make a difference in the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

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