Whether you are writing an article/blog for your WordPress website, you need to make sure that you proofread it before making it live. Especially if you are not a native English speaker, you are bound to make a few mistakes.

To ensure that you don’t make mistakes you can try using certain online grammar checking tools on your WordPress website.

This article will help you learn about a bunch of the best online grammar checking tools for WordPress.


Grammarly is one of the popular grammar checking tools currently available for use. This browser add-on comes with a variety of features that make writing in WordPress always fun.

Grammarly monitors your writing in five different ways; style, correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery, thus enabling you to create an awesome piece of content in the end.

The correctness monitor checks your writing for its grammar, spelling, punctuation, fluency, and makes you correct them. Then the clarity checker makes sure that your content is concise and readable for your audience.

Grammarly also ensures that the content is delivered in the right way by detecting its tone, politeness, confidence, and formality level. With the help of this feature, you can easily make a less formal article formal or vice versa.

Apart from the above, Grammarly is an awesome plagiarism checker as well that lets you know that your work is fresh and original by checking it against 16 billion webpages.

Now, when it comes to its subscription plan it allows three types of subscriptions; free, premium, and business. The free plan will only contain basic writing corrections whereas the premium and business plan contains most of the above-said features.


Ginger is another great browser add-on that ensures your content is free of any grammar mistakes before it goes live. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, you will benefit vastly by using Ginger to write on WordPress.

This grammar checker tool inspects your content for mistakes such as subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, consecutive nouns, misused word correction, contextual spelling correction, etc., which most Grammar checker tools overlook.

All-in-all you will be able to enjoy a great writing experience by adding a Ginger grammar checker tool to your website.


Unlike the above-listed tools that are mostly browser extensions Jetpack is a WordPress plugin. When you install this plugin on your WordPress website, it will add proofreading to your WordPress post editor.

Now by enabling the “check your spelling, style, and grammar” option by going to the Jetpack settings page, you will be able to edit your content. The plugin makes use of the After the deadline technology, which is a free grammar checker tool.

Jetpacks’s style option includes checking for jargon, bad phrases, complexities, and biased language in your content. Jetpack is a bundle that contains several other features that are essential for your WordPress website such as SEO, security, social media, etc.

Language Tool

Language tool is a green and opensource grammar checker. The tool allows multiple patterns for finding errors in English, German, French, etc. Over 27 languages are supported by this tool.

It comes in free and paid versions. The free version is quite suitable for most users with many of the standard features enabled. The only limit would be the character count. Up to 20,000  words would be enabled free grammar check with this too, beyond that you will have to use its paid version.


Hemingway Editor is a simple and easy to use tool for finding faults with grammar in your written content. This editor also monitors your content for its readability.

Hemingway is a desktop app that highlights lengthy sentences in yellow color so that you can shorten or break it to smaller sentences that are more readable to your viewers.

The portion highlighted in red color tells you that your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will find it hard to decipher its meaning. So you will have to try to say the context with a simpler logic to remove the red color.

Moreover, longer words are shown in purple so you can use a short word instead. Weakening phrases and passive voices are shown in blue and green colors respectively. You are also given a readability score by Hemingway to validate your content.


In the online space where content is the king, you will find it hard to survive without the help of a grammar correction tool. I hope you were able to choose one easily after going through this article.

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