If you are running an eCommerce store or simply a website, clarifying the queries of your customers/visitors on a regular basis has huge importance in establishing a strong bond with your customers and in bringing them back to your store. You can offer customer services via various methods such as live chat, phone, mail, social media, etc.

You can enable customer service on your website easily by adding a customer service plugin to it. WordPress has a list of plugins to choose from. In this article, you will get acquainted with a few such plugins to help you make your choice easy, fast, and accurate.

WP Live Chat Support

wp livechat

WP Live chat plugin claims to be the most cost-effective and feature-rich plugins out there. It enables you to easily start a chat with your website visitors while they are on it. Since it is a GDPR compliant plugin you should have no worries regarding its abidance with the law.

It allows you to have unlimited live chats simultaneously and provides a user-friendly interface both on the front and back-ends for the usage of visitor and admin respectively. This live chat plugin offers extensive customization options for the chatbox. You can add your company logo or your photo to the live chat window. And if you are not satisfied with the text fields on the live chat box you can edit it to your preference and even change the colors of the live chatbox. You can even add GIF and animation to the live chat box to give your users an amazing live chat experience on your website.

Its advanced features let you see what users are typing in the chatbox before they send their message and tracks certain visitor events like scrolling, clicking, and page views for getting a better understanding of the user behavior. With WP Live chat you can give quick responses by inserting a pre-defined response in the live chatbox.

JivoChat Live Chat


JivoChat is the kind of plugin you would wish to have on your website once you go through its full list of features. It provides multiple platforms for communication so that your customers get to choose a comfortable way for communication. You can enable communication via email, phone, or social media in addition to chat.

It offers quick responses to customers’ queries on all platforms. You will be able to give your customers a callback in less than 27 seconds. Multi-agent chats can be enabled by this plugin by transferring and inviting colleagues to participate in an open support chat with customers. With Jivo you can set excellent monitoring of your visitors in real-time and set triggers for initiating chats.

Language is no barrier with this plugin as it has got an automatic translator that can translate live chat on both customer and admin sides instantly. To make communication faster and easier you can use pre-written messages and send them using hotkeys or get suggestions from previously sent messages for giving a faster reply.



LiveChat offers an easy way to provide customer service on your website. Its visitor tracking feature keeps track of the location of your customers, the page they are visiting on your website, and more. It has got powerful live chat triggers that allow you to initiate a live chat when certain conditions are met.

This plugin lets you add surveys to the live chat window so that you can get more information from your customers at the very beginning. You can enable multi-channel communications with LiveChat as well. Facebook Pages, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and email are the other communication methods besides live chat. The live chat widget of this plugin is highly customizable to give your chat window an awesome look. You can to your chat window the logo of your company and choose custom color as well.

This plugin also adds the functionality to get graded by your customers so you can improve the quality of the chat service that you provide. Besides that, using the share buttons in your chat window customers would be able to praise your service on their social media channels. You can make the first step in inviting customers for a chat, this can be done by sending greetings automatically to all of them to let them know that you are ready to help. You will also be able to know which of your customers need immediate attention by merely looking at the colors of the customer circles.

Tidio Live Chat


Tidio is one of the best plugins available to add chat services (boosted by bots) on your website. This easy to set up live chat plugin enables faster, efficient and 24/7 service to your customers. You can customize your site’s live chat’s look to give it a widget appearance if you prefer so.

It enables you to be in touch with your customers all the time with their mobile app. It tracks your customers so that you are able to know how they interact with your website. It integrates beautifully with a wide range of third-party apps to provide great customer service from your online store or website.

Awesome Support


Awesome Support plugin provides you with a long list of user-friendly and powerful features to give your customers the best customer service ever. With this plugin everything is unlimited. It offers you unlimited tickets, agents, users, products, departments, tags, custom priorities, channels, and more.

This plugin allows you to attach multiple files to tickets, lets you control which file extensions are allowed for uploads and the maximum file size allowed for uploads. Uploading files can’t be easier since they let you drag and drop files for upload. You can even paste images from its clipboard to create files for upload and keep those files in cloud services.

Awesome Support lets your users open tickets by email and let you configure email notifications for all ticket events. When you encounter unrecognized email accounts you can leave it to this plugin as it has got multiple options to control such email accounts. Another striking feature of this plugin is that you can use rules to filter and route tickets thus handle tickets much more efficiently. You can give your outgoing emails a personalized look by using any of the 15 ticket templates. This plugin lets you allow canned responses for commonly asked questions to avoid wasting time on it. You can also allow responses to be personalized.

DelightChat—Omnichannel Customer Support & WhatsApp Marketing 

DelightChat is an omnichannel customer service and marketing platform tailored for eCommerce brands using WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other modern channels. It allows you to manage customer support and automate marketing across multiple platforms from one unified dashboard.

With DelightChat, you can reply to customers and manage conversations across channels, including WhatsApp, email, Facebook comments, Messenger, Instagram DMs, and live chat. This saves you time switching between platforms and ensures no customer query persists.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface, powerful automation, and tight eCommerce integrations that aim to simplify multi-channel customer support. It combines the tools you need to simplify operations and grow your D2C brand.



uCare is a free and efficient WordPress plugin to help you with your support ticket system. Its report view allows you to track your ticket activity and the productivity of your agent. This fast and lightweight plugin lets you assign tickets to agents. This GDPR compliant plugin allows your users to either make a request to export their data or it to be deleted.

Its auto-close ticket feature, if turned on, automatically closes tickets if it detected no customer interaction for a certain number of days. Another feature event logging would be of great help to you as it logs all the events for you to view in case you miss any of them. You can search & filter tickets in your store then set ticket status & priority to handle tickets properly.


I hope you were able to pick one plugin from the above list for your website. The only thing you need to remember is that when you give better service to your customers it will surely reflect on your store’s sales. Because more than everything, what your customers need is a quick, smart, and prompt reply to their queries when they are in need of help, a belief that help is always with them. If you are able to manage it effectively, your business will definitely grow to greater heights.

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