Are you looking for the perfect guide to help you with choosing between Wix and WordPress? Then you have found it. The below article will provide you with comprehensive information on why you should choose WordPress over Wix or vice versa.

Choosing the right platform for your website or blog is one of the most important things you should pay attention to. Because once you built your website on a CMS it will be hard moving into a new one.  So you should compare and contrast the pros and cons of available platforms and then make your choice.


User-friendliness is of higher priority while choosing the right platform for building your website. No matter how tech-savvy the user is, a complex content management system will slow down the entire website building process for the user. Hence, user-friendliness becomes the top-most criterion while choosing the best CMS for building your website.


With WordPress, building websites is a quick and easy process regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro. For building a WordPress site you first need to install WordPress. This requires you to obtain a domain name and web hosting. It can be done easily under proper guidelines.

When you finish with the installation, you can move on to the customization of your website. You have the option to customize it to your heart’s content using one of the WordPress themes or by purchasing one so that you have a unique design. For any further improvement of your website, there are thousands of extensions to choose from which are both paid and free.


Wix is comparatively a better option than WordPress when it comes to its ease of use. Its drag and drop functionality makes website building an effortless task for everyone. There is no need to know to code if you use Wix to build the website. For those who believe they won’t be able to build attractive websites because of their lack of design skills, Wix is the solution. There is a list of 500+ designer-made templates and 100% customizable templates available for Wix to avoid designing.

With Wix, you have another super-easy way to build websites- Wix Alternative Design Intelligence, which is an alternative to the Wix editor that helps you create a custom website by answering a few questions. To top it all Wix offers a quick sign-up process and easy setup (lets you host your website on their own servers) to make the whole task easier than you can imagine.

User Support

It is quite common to come across various issues from time to time if you are running a website. Some issues might need immediate attention as well. If your website’s content management system offers good support such issues will not become a headache to you.


WordPress doesn’t have an official support team. Thus getting direct help is not possible with WordPress. Although, there are tons of tutorials and blog posts available online to help users solve any issues that may happen. The real challenge is going to be choosing the right source from the abundance of information. Hiring a WordPress developer who is skilled in helping you fix such issues would be also a solution to overcome this drawback of WordPress.


Wix does have a dedicated support team. They offer both email and scheduled phone support. The chances of running into serious issues are rare as far as Wix is concerned since everything used in this website builder is built by themselves.

E-Commerce Functionality

Including eCommerce functionality is important for any content management system especially when the number of online stores is on the rise. Here is how WordPress and Wix differ in eCommerce functionality.


WooCommerce- as per, with 57,540,446 downloads powers over 28% of all online stores. In addition to it, there are tons of extensions available for WooCommerce to enhance the functionalities of the online store.

The most stunning fact about a WordPress based eCommerce store is that you can set it up for free of cost using the free add-ons and other eCommerce tools. Supporting over 100 different payment gateways WooCommerce stands out among other eCommerce platforms in facilitating a great payment system for online stores.


With Wix, eCommerce functionalities aren’t as vast as that of WordPress. Wix offers eCommerce functionality only with its paid version. Thus, you will not be able to build an online store using Wix for free. Even if you use its paid version it will be much suitable for small online stores as it supports only two payment gateways(PayPal and Authorize.Net). Wix has a few third-party apps which you can use to sell things online. But these apps come with monthly fees to make things more costly.

SEO Support

SEO-support is essential whether you have a blog or online store. You cannot compromise with having a low ranked website. Thus making sure your website’s CMS provides good support for SEO is inevitable for your site’s growth.


WordPress alone provides only limited support for SEO. You will have to add plugins to WordPress for enhancing its SEO functionality. There are many plugins both free and premium available for WordPress. Yoast SEO is the most popular one among SEO plugins.


Wix is one of the best website builders available for all SEO purposes. With Wix, you can fully customize the page title, meta description, URL’s, headings, image’s ALT attributes, SSL encryption, etc. On the downside, Wix allows the option for a custom domain only in their premium plans, this causes low ranking in search engines. Besides that, unlike WordPress, images are named automatically in Wix when you upload them which could hurt image-based SEO websites like photography blogs.



Although WordPress is technically free you will have to pay for its hosting plans which would be worth roughly $6.50 per month. But the price will go up if you are going for their premium themes, plugins, etc., for your website.


Wix offers a total of 5 plans which is inclusive of varying numbers of features and web hosting depending upon the plan. The plans are flexible enough for paying monthly, yearly or on a biannual basis.

  • Connect Domain ($5/month)
  • Combo ($11/month)
  • Unlimited ($14/month)
  • eCommerce ($20/month)
  • VIP ($29/month)

The above given are the five plans offered by Wix. Among them, only the eCommerce and VIP plans support online stores.


On comparing both Wix and WordPress you must have come across several advantages and disadvantages of both these CMSs. It is up to you to make the choice between the two for your website by carefully considering its benefits and flaws.

If you are going for an eCommerce website WordPress would be a better choice than Wix as it offers support for a huge number of payment gateways which are essential for the smooth functioning of an online store. But, if you are aiming for an informational/blogging website Wix would be a great choice as it offers great support for SEO.

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