Choosing a content management system can be often a nerve-wracking experience as you need to consider many things to make a final choice. There is the ease of use, flexibility, customization options, cost, support, etc., of a website builder that you need to compare and contrast in order to make the best choice for your website.

After narrowing down the options, if you are facing a Weebly Vs WordPress scenario, this article will be of great help as it compares the most important aspects of both website builders. Read ahead and find the best-suited content management system to build your website.

Ease of Use

As far as a website builder is concerned user-friendliness is a key factor in determining its popularity. No matter how many features it does offer, its ease of use holds huge importance in making it an easier platform to build websites. A user-friendly website builder takes away a huge amount of your workload and helps you build your website in very little time. Let’s find out which is the best platform between WordPress and Weebly when it comes to ease of use.


Weebly is the easiest platform currently available to build websites. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder using which you can build your sites in fewer clicks. With its centralized set of tools, you do not have to set up a server, install WordPress, its plugins, or its themes separately. This makes Weebly a far better technology to build your website with.


WordPress, on the other hand, comes with a learning curve that beginners might find slightly difficult to get acquainted with. To make the most out of WordPress familiarity with coding would be a great skill. Thus, as far as beginners are concerned, WordPress wouldn’t be an easy platform for them.

Customization Options

Customization options provided by a website builder holds huge importance on your website’s looks and usability. Limited customization options stop you from building a website of your imagination. Thus it is very important that you chose a content management platform that provides ample options for customization.


You would be pretty okay with the customization options provided by this website builder. It comes with a number of pre-built themes so that you can choose one that suits your needs and give it additional customization to match it with your imagination. Its drag-and-drop feature would be a great help at the management of customizations. Even though the availability of customization options is largely depended on the theme of your choice.


Like Weebly, WordPress also allows you to choose a theme of your choice from the available options. But compared to Weebly, there is a huge collection of themes including both free and paid to help you choose the most suitable theme for your website. If you are going with paid themes like Divi, you can also make use of the page builders that come with the premium package to make the customization process a lot easier.

Besides that, if you are into coding or are good at the technical side of your website, WordPress does have a lot more to offer in this regard. You would be amazed at what you can do with these little skills that you have to give a unique look to your website.

Search-Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization could largely affect your online presence. Although most of the optimization needs to be done manually, there are some aspects to SEO, that a good website builder can provide such as the built-in optimization features, ability to integrate specialized SEO plugins, etc.


With Weebly, you can customize your site’s page titles, change meta descriptions, and custom URLs for all the pages of your website. You are allowed to edit alt tags for your images and set up 301 redirects. SSL encryption is available in the business plan of the same. The absence of third-party integration and limited availability of heading tags can be considered as limitations of this website builder.


Although you won’t benefit much from a fresh WordPress installation in terms of SEO, there are a number of WordPress plugins out there which you can install and use in order to enhance the search engine optimization of your website. The major built-i options available in WordPress for SEO optimization are; various heading tags( H1 to H6), option to set custom URLs, and URL structure as per your preferences, etc.

Using a plugin you can enhance the functionality of your this CMS to multiple folds. Yoast SEO plugin is a renowned third-party choice for SEO as it can help you with the keyword optimization of your content, meta description, readability, internal linking, etc.

Support and Maintenance

Support is a crucial factor for any content management system as there are always chances of running into issues. And if these issues aren’t fixed timely, it could cause a huge dip in your search engine rankings which would, in turn, affect your business. Thus having a dedicated support team behind you to help you during such incidents is very important especially if you are running an eCommerce store.


Weebly provides a great support system for you with 24/7 email support. Plus during business hours you can easily fix issues with just a phone call or via live chat support. As there is no involvement of third-party tools in the Weebly environment, you can assure yourself that your queries will not get denied blaming it on other add-ons and tools. For minor issues, you can seek assistance from your fellow users in the Weebly community forums.

Since they release regular articles, guides, and video tutorials even beginners will not find it hard to learn the platform quickly. Besides, as they have a dedicated support team each of your questions will be answered no matter how many people have asked it before.


As WordPress doesn’t have an official support team, mostly you will be on your own to solve your website’s issues. But there is an abundant collection of video tutorials, articles, etc., available online to help you with such problems if more doesn’t scare you. Besides that, there are a number of active community forums where you can seek assistance from.


Although both platforms are great options to build your website, on a closer look you could understand that Weebly is best suited for eCommerce websites with its excellent support system and ease of use whereas WordPress for blogs and such websites. Having said that, the final call is always yours.

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