Most of the people who run a WooCommerce store are in constant search for effective strategies to bring in more and more new customers to their store. In the hustle and bustle of it, you lose sight of the most important component of your business – your existing customers.

To get a much better picture of their importance, look at your own WooCommerce store’s sales statistics. A quick analysis of the available data will help you understand who brought you more profit. New customers, as they are new to your store will not risk making a bulk purchase from your store, but with existing customers, it would be different as they have been to your store before and they trust your business.

So it’s important that the existing customers stay. Now the next big thing to concentrate on would be the ways to retain customers in your store. This article lists a number of ways that help you keep your customers in your store.

Give Discounts and Offers on Repeated Purchases

Giving discounts on repeated purchases is inarguably one of the most effective ways to retain existing customers in your WooCommerce store. You can let them know about these discounts and offers via text messages, emails, social media, or using other similar communication services. This way keeping them hooked to your store will make your WooCommmerce store the first choice whenever they plan for their next purchase.

While offering discounts, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that it should go along with your business goals. If you are fully centered on only retaining customers at any cost chances are your profit will go down. Thus, the best way to keep the balance is by offering discounts on products that you are sure to make a profit on. Periodic offers and festival sales are also great ways to bring back your customers.

Sell Only the Best Quality Products in your Store

No matter how impressive offers and discounts are being provided by your store, if your customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of your store’s products, chances are they will not come back to your store ever again. Every new trick you employ in your store to increase its sales, at the end comes down to this one simple fact – quality products.

To survive in a period of cut-throat competition, people adopt several unfair means to their business by not giving much thought to the quality of their products. Although it might give a temporary boost to their sales, it will definitely fail them in the long run. If your store’s products are of superior quality, the reward will come in the form of reviews and testimonials, which customers these days find as the best way to measure the reliability and quality of the store and its products.

The unfortunate fact about fine quality products is that most of them are expensive. The heavy cost will keep most of the customers away from your store. Thus, at first, you should be able to find ways to give discounts on products by not compromising with its quality. If you are able to do that you will certainly be able to keep them coming back to your store.

Build Loyal Customers

Having a bunch of loyal customers is always a great thing for your store. A growing number of loyal customers can be seen as a sign of superiority of your WooCommerce store in terms of its product quality, customer service, brand value, credibility, etc. Nevertheless, earning loyal customers isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and a prolonged period of constant efforts to create a loyal customer base for your WooCommerce store.

Building customer loyalty consists of many different factors. First and foremost among them would be product quality. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your store’s products at any cost as it will lose you all your loyal customers and destroy any chances you have on creating one.

Online stores should also be careful to display the exact product images and descriptions on the website rather than its exaggerated version (to attract the attention of visitors). During online shopping, people make most purchases solely based on the images of the products. Thus, when they are delivered a product from your store that looks different from the image shown on your website, there is a chance for your customers feeling cheated. 

Even if your store delivered a good quality product with only slight changes from the displayed image, there would still be a drop in customers’ trust towards your store. This will certainly destruct your efforts in building loyal customers. Thus, for the sake of your store’s wellbeing only deliver what you promise.

A comfortable shopping experience, social responsibility (of the store), reasonable pricing, etc., are the other factors which influence the creation of loyal customers.

Personalized Promotions

Creating personalized messages or emails to your existing customers has great power in bringing them back to your store to make purchases. These kinds of messages establish an emotional connection with the customers which makes it so easy to drive them back to your store. Personalized promotions can be done in many different ways.

One of the ways to give your customers a personalized experience in your store is by displaying recommended products based on their purchase or browsing history. This helps them find the products they want much faster.

In addition to personalized product recommendations, offering personalized pricing and other benefits such same day shipping, elimination of shipping cost, etc., also help in growing loyal customers for your WooCommerce store.

An advanced level of personalization would be offering discounts, coupons, and offers, etc., on special events of customers’ life such as birthdays and anniversaries. This will enable you to create a deeper connection with the customer. To sum up, personalized promotion can make better results for your store than the generic ones.

There are a number of WooCommerce plugins to help you with personalized promotions if you don’t know how to carry out this in your store. Recommendation Engine plugin helps your store to generate a better recommendation to your customers based on their shopping history. Customer specific pricing plugin is another great tool to set up personalized pricing in your store.

Provide Impeccable Customer Service

Whether offline or online how you handle your customers in your store has a huge effect on your store’s sales and consequently on its profit. Thus, by providing unparalleled customer service at your store you will be able to retain most of the customers in your store.

Exceptional customer service includes several important elements. It starts with a well-organized website to an easy checkout facility. Ensuring that your WooCommerces store provides a 24*7 active live chat functionality is important to clear all queries your customers can have related to products. Faster response to their doubts will increase their trust in your brand and in eventually making repeated purchases from WooCommerce store.

Using certain WooCommerce plugins can help you carry out most of the above suggestions, such as Live Chat for customer service,  WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway for quick and easy transactions, etc.

Flawless Return/Exchange Policy

Faster and easier processing of returns, refunds or exchanges also builds a great image of your store in your customers’ mind as most people hesitate to make online purchases due to complicated return policies followed by various eCommerce stores. Providing timely shipping or even same day shipping can also act as reasons for customers choosing your WooCommerce store over others.


If you are a WooCommerce store owner it’s high time you realized the value of your existing customers in your WooCommerce store’s growth. The expense, effort, and time you have to put in your store to bring in new customers can be reduced greatly if you rather focused on growing your store using your existing customer base. Hope reading this article help you find ways to retain your customers.

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