A successful business is all about a bunch of powerful strategies applied in the most effective ways. The different strategies you apply to your business from time to time determine the course of your business. Thus, you must never run out of them if you want to have control over the flow of your business.

This article lists a number of such strategies you can employ in your WooCommerces store in order to improve its sales. Once you go through it, you will certainly be able to find a few of them that can help grow your business.

Focus on Up-sell & Cross-sell Marketing

Upselling & Cross-selling are two of the most impressive and inexpensive marketing strategies you can adapt to improve sales of your WooCommerce store. While upselling is persuading your customers to buy a better and costly version of a product than the one they were originally planning to purchase, cross-selling is encouraging your customers to purchase products which will give better utility to the ones they have added to cart.

Although this strategy won’t help you with adding new customers to your store it will certainly increase the average order value per customers. That means, by using the upselling and cross-selling strategy you will be able to make a customer purchase more than what they have actually planned to purchase from your store.

But, sometimes simply displaying upsells and cross-sells in your store won’t work as you expect. Thus you will have to employ some additional tactics as listed below to bring better sales from your store.

  • Offer discounts on upselling or cross-selling products.
  • Do not give your customers a hard time (to make a decision) by providing a plethora of offers on related products.

Know Your Customers

When it comes to appealing to your customers you have to know them better in terms of their shopping habits. This will help you give your customers a personalized shopping experience at your store. What is more fun than that? They get to find what they want in very less time. This easy and worry-free shopping experience pulls them to your store whenever they think of buying something.

Nevertheless, this calls for putting some extra efforts at knowing your customers’ needs. For a store with a huge number of customers, keeping a tab on all of them can become a bit difficult task. But you do not have to worry. There are automated tools to help you with this. These tools will keep track of each of your customers’ shopping behavior and show them appropriate products recommendations when they are in your store for purchase.

Allow Discounts for Social Sharing

Social media promotion is one of the best ways to improve the popularity of your store’s products and to increase its sales. Especially when you get your customers to do it for your store it would be more effective as it in itself acts as a double promotion. There is a huge difference in merely being promoted and being promoted by the people who also have bought these products since the latter serves as a testimony as well.

But your customers won’t promote your products through their social media profiles unless they get something in return. That is why you are required to offer them discounts. You could display discounts on their cart page when they are about to make the payment for the purchase made from your store and allow them discounts only after they are done with the promotion. This way it would be easier for you to persuade them to promote your products and to ensure their participation.

Now if you are wondering how you will take care of all these in your store, you can do it by using a plugin. There are many plugins developed solely for this purpose. YITH WooCommerce share for discounts and Social Coupon for WordPress are great choices of plugins.

Give Away Free Gifts

Giving away free gifts can add huge benefits to your store as it easily attracts peoples’ attention. But you also have to be careful so as to not bring negative attention to your store by being so generous. The best way to do it is by placing specific conditions on your customers for winning free gifts. You can set a minimum spend, a purchase deadline or the number of products to claim free gifts. This will also help you reach your business goals in a much faster way.

You can also target a specific group of people to give away free gifts such as those who abandon carts of huge order value, your loyal customers, new customers, etc. Besides all these, you need to be careful about what you give away as free gifts. The gifts should be of higher quality and should be the most popular offerings of your store. Failing at this step might ruin your brand name.

Allow Exit-Intent Popups

Abandoned carts are one of the primary reasons for plummeting sales. Allowing exit-intent popups can help drastically in reducing the number of abandoned carts. These popups show up on your store’s visitors screen’s when they are about to leave your store leaving carts. Exit-intent popups work best when combined with free gifts, coupons or other offers. Attractive popups containing amazing offers would tempt your visitors to go back to your store to complete the purchase.

Display a Countdown Timer at your Store

Creating a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect in your store is found to be a highly effective strategy for increasing your WooCommerce store’s sales. Displaying a count-down timer at the checkout page of your store will help you with that. By pairing the timer with exciting offers and discounts people will easily fall for the “FOMO” effect and finish the purchase within the time limit. This strategy will also help prevent people from abandoning their carts.


Before applying any of these above strategies in your WooCommerce store you should ask yourself these three questions. What are your business goals for a foreseeable future, what is the current status of your store, and how far you need to go to get where you want?

Answering these questions will give you a clear idea regarding which of these strategies you should be following in your store for improving it further. Along with that realizing the truth that success requires patience and constant effort, will give you strength in the face of obstacles and disappointments that you might encounter in your journey to become the topmost WooCommerce store.

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