You can’t deny the fact that payment gateways are an integral part of your WooCommerce store. It matters to your customers and their shopping experience in your store. A lack of convenient payment options can turn prospects away even after they have reached the purchasing stage of the shopping journey. 

In this article, we are discussing how to set up local payment gateways in WooCommerce using Stripe. We will be using the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway a free plugin by WebToffee.

Before we begin let’s see why you should consider adding local payment gateways in WooCommerce.

Benefits of adding multiple payment gateways in WooCommerce

Following are the benefits of using multiple payment gateways in WooCommerce.

1. Giving customers multiple options to pay

When you enable multiple payment options on your WooCommerce store, you are giving your customers the option to choose their convenient payment gateway. This will increase customer satisfaction and the shopping experience in your WooCommerce store.

2. Create interest for new customers

Adding multiple payment gateways attracts new customers. Customers always prefer convenience. When you have enabled convenient payment options for your customers, it will bring new customers to your store. You can even set up discount coupons based on the payment methods. This way you can attract new customers to your store.

3. Increase conversions

It is obvious that the more payment options you have on your WooCommerce store, the more the chances of conversion. Adding multiple payment options will reduce cart abandonment as customers can pay using their favorite payment method.

4. Provides security for WooCommerce store payments

Customers often abandon the cart when they feel the store lacks secure payment options. Using secure payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Alipay you can gain your customers’ trust and make them confident to complete payment transactions on your WooCommerce store.

5. Increase global reach

When you add local payment gateways, it will increase your store’s reach beyond boundaries. It lets you accept currencies from different countries enabling you to gain more customers around the world.

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Setting up local payment gateways in WooCommerce using Stripe

The first thing you need to do is create a Stripe account. In case you already have a stripe account, log in using the credentials and obtain the API keys

Having done that, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Installing the Stripe Payment Gateway plugin 

Go to Plugins > Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

Search for ‘Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce’ by WebToffee.

Stripe Payment plugin for WooCommerce

Install and activate the plugin. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Setting up Stripe in WooCommerce

Go to WebToffee Stripe > General Settings.

Under the Stripe Credentials section, choose a transaction mode. Choose Test mode for testing the payment and Live mode for making the payment option live.

Stripe Credentials

Add the API keys you obtained from the stripe dashboard in the relevant fields.

Click on Save changes to complete the setup process.

Step 3: Setting up local payment gateways in WooCommerce

Stripe Payment gateway plugin enables you to add different payment options to your WooCommerce store. It includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, Alipay, SEPA, and more.

To set up local payment gateways, go to the Local Gateways tab under WebTofee Stripe settings. 

Choose the required payment gateway you want to add.

Make sure that the payment gateway is supported in your region and accepts the currency in your store.

Selecting each payment gateway will show you the supported regions and currencies.

Following are the different local payment gateways available with the plugin.

  1. Alipay
  2. SEPA
  3. Klarna
  4. Afterpay
  5. WeChat
  6. Sofort
  7. iDEAL
  8. Bancontact
  9. EPS
  10. Przelewy24
  11. Giropay
  12. Bacs
  13. BECS
  14. FPX
  15. Boleto
  16. OXXO
  17. GrabPay
  18. Multibanco

Choose the required payment gateways based on your customers’ location and convenience. 

Here is the setup option for Alipay. The options are similar for all the payment gateways.

Alipay Set up
  • Check the box to enable accepting payments via Alipay.
  • Add a title and description.
  • Provide a button text.
  • Click on Save changes.

Some payment options under stripe support multiple languages. While setting up such payment options, you will have options to customize the language in addition to the ones mentioned earlier.

The following screenshot shows a WooCommerce store checkout with multiple payment options enabled.

WooCommerce checkout with multiple payment gateways

Summing up

It is very much essential that you give customers multiple payment options so they can choose according to their convenience. This will enhance the shopping experience on your WooCommerce store. 

The purpose of this article is to let you know how to set up different local payment gateways on your WooCommerce store. We believe that this article has served its purpose. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments.

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