Do you own a WooCommerce store? Are you fighting cart abandonment issues in your store? Then, you are in the right place. This article is created solely for the purpose of helping WooCommerce store owners with their loss of sales due to cart abandonment.

Going through this article, you might get aware of most of the things you were doing incorrectly in your store thereby causing these issues in your store.

Enable Guest Checkout in Your WooCommerce Store

Enabling guest checkout is very important to preserve your first-time visitors from abandoning carts. If you irritated them with a long-form to fill up on the very first time they visit your store, chances are they won’t complete the purchase. 

Many reasons can be attributed to their hesitation in giving their details. Security concerns, time limitations, etc. find top positions in the list. Thus it is better if you didn’t ask for or given an option to skip the elongated checkout process from your store for your first-time customers especially.

This will certainly give a boost to your store’s sales by reducing abandoned carts to a great extent. Once you have won their trust with your products and excellent service it will become much easier for you to ask for their details on their successive purchases from your store.

With WooCommerce you can enable guest checkout in your store in the easiest way possible.

Allow Multiple Payment Methods for Checkout

There are a number of different payment methods in use today. You can’t tell what each of your potential customers’ preferred payment gateway is but making as many methods available as possible in your WooCommerce store will decrease your store’s cart abandonment rate to a great extent.

Credit/Debit card transactions of all basic cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc., and cash on delivery are the most common payment methods that a majority of your customers will have access to, thus including them in your WooCommerce store will make the checkout process much easy for your customers. PayPal is another safe option for payment methods in your WooCommerce store.

Provide an Easy Checkout Experience

An easy checkout experience consists of many different factors. Allowing multiple payment methods and reducing distractions on the checkout page can make a huge difference in the checkout experience provided by your store. Make sure your store’s checkout page loads faster so that your visitors stay on it until they make the payment.

Checkout processes can be time-consuming if your visitors are required to enter a long list of details before payment. If you are unable to remove these entirely, at the least you will be able to reduce the number of steps your potential customers will have to go through for making payment. Displaying a checkout progress bar can also be helpful as customers would be able to see how long it will take to complete the entire purchase and allow time for it.

Let Your Visitors Know You Have a Secure Store

For encouraging frequent and bulk purchases in your store your customers must trust your store first. One way to win their trust is by displaying security badges in your store. This creates a sense of safety in your customers’ mind which allow them to purchase from your store without any worries. Including important safety icons on the checkout page would be really helpful as people wouldn’t hesitate to share their financial credentials with the store.

Display an Appealing Refund/Return Policy

Displaying a fair refund/return policy holds a lot of importance in reducing cart abandonment and thereby increasing sales. During online purchases, people don’t get the opportunity to see the product they are going to buy for real. They have to solely rely on the product image and descriptions shown on the website to make purchases. This makes people unsure of making the purchase. You can overcome this in your store by displaying appealing policies for return/refund/exchange of the products.

Return policies should be very clear and devoid of any complicated procedure to be followed by the customer. By reading the policy the customer should feel confident to make the purchase.

Be Transparent about Costs

Hidden costs are a real enemy to your WooCommerce store in increasing the number of abandoned carts. Before placing an order your potential customers should be aware of all the costs related to the product they are buying. Extra costs would include shipping costs, tax amount, etc. If you hide these costs at first and give your customers a surprise burden of extra charges at the checkout, chances are your customer might feel so disappointed at your service and leave without making the purchase.

Thus, the best practice is to display all specific costs related to the product along with its description, so that customers do not feel like they were deceived by your store.

Employ Scarcity/Urgency Effects to Speed Up Purchase

Sometimes your store might possess all the above factors and still have abandoned carts in your store. Now, what would you do? This is when you need to apply scarcity and urgency effects in your store. Using these techniques you will be able to nudge your visitors to be your customers. This effect helps during situations when the buyer is satisfied with your store and products but is unable to make the decision regarding making a purchase.


Abandoned carts are a major issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the proper growth of your store. The above points are general guidelines for saving your WooCommerce store from abandoned carts. But, if you go to the root of your store’s issues, you might come up with many more specific problems and their solutions. By sharing them in the comment section you will be able to help many more like you. Have a great day!

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