For any WordPress related search query, you could find hundreds of blogs in the search results page. This can be overwhelming for you, especially when you aren’t familiar with such resources or don’t know which one could provide you with the best content.

Well, you are now free from this worry since this article is focused on bringing to you the best WordPress blogs on all WordPress related content. This is definitely going to be a great read for you and the best solution to know about the right resources for all your queries.


WordPress blog

WPbeginner never fails to satisfy the needs of a WordPress learner. It ensures you are fed with the right amount of information when needed on everything related to WordPress. WPbeginner at its core is an easy source for beginners to get acquainted with WordPress.

In addition to the exceptional content, the website provides you with resources in the form of video tutorials and infographics to make it easy for you to grasp the idea presented by the articles. It is one of the best sources available online when it comes to starting a blog, building an online store, WordPress errors, security, SEO, performance, etc.


WordPress blog

Kinsta is a beautiful looking blog you can trust with everything WordPress. Their carefully crafted blogs are truly a great option for those who are looking for an easily digestible chunk of content. Their article on “Content marketing essentials for 2020” is one of the best articles in their collection that all the content marketers and writers could make the best use of.

WP Explorer

WordPress blog

With WP Explorer you are at the right place to get all the information regarding WordPress. Whether its hosting, blog setup, SEO, speed, security, or monetization you will have all your queries answered by going through their resources.

They have a clean blog with all the articles segmentized into its proper categories so that it’s easier to find the right blog. You can even join for their newsletter program that has over 5k membership and have all your favorite content reach your email inbox right after they get published on the blog.


WordPress blog

Just because Colorlib lacks the name “WordPress” in any form from its title, doesn’t mean it covers any less WordPress content. Like any other WordPress blog, it also covers a vast variety of articles on all the WordPress related subjects.

But it needs to be said that Colorlib is primarily a theme-oriented blog. Thus when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, you will definitely benefit from their guidance. It was founded by Aigars Silkalns in 2013 as a resource to publish the results derived from his web development learning. But it later developed into a WordPress blog, which people found easy to digest all the WordPress related stuff.



WP MAMBA is dedicated to empowering WordPress plugin developers by offering a range of valuable services. The website’s mission is to help your plugin shine in the WordPress ecosystem. They provide cutting-edge marketing strategies tailored to highlight your plugin’s unique features.

Additionally, their Review, Versus, and How-to Article services offer in-depth analysis and comparisons to build trust and attract users.

Codein WP

WordPress blog

CodeinWP is the place where you can find carefully crafted WordPress related information. They publish posts at least once every week. You can stay relevant to everything related to WordPress if you check the blog at regular intervals.

CodeinWP was launched in 2013 by Ionut Neagu, for the purpose of addressing the needs of their clients. But it gradually developed into a platform that people all over the world rely on for learning about WordPress.

Elegant Themes

WordPress blog

Elegant Themes is an awesome blog for all the WordPress enthusiasts out there. It keeps you updated with all the most recent news on WordPress. The blog comes with a search bar where you can enter the keyword for the article you are looking for. Its clean and minimal theme makes it easy to read and digest the content of the blog.

Yoast SEO

WordPress blog

Yoast would be a familiar name among everybody in the WordPress circle. We all know Yoast as our website’s search engine optimization master. But Yoast is a great blog too. You really should visit Yoast SEO blog often for topics on Content SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, eCommerce, and WordPress.

Yoast was founded by Joost de Valk in 2010. You will definitely come across a bunch of valuable content if you keep following this blog.


Best WordPress blog

WPMU Dev is another great blog you should be following this year. It has got some great WordPress content neatly organized to guide you with learning WordPress. Whether you are a WordPress developer, writer, or just a WordPress enthusiast; WPMU Dev has got you covered with interesting content to follow.

They have expert writers on their team who are very knowledgeable in everything related to WordPress so you can trust their judgment when you have, let’s just say “a WordPress decision to make”.


Best WordPress blog

Cloudways can be simply called an all-in-one blog. It caters to its audience tons of content on widely different topics. WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Laravel, and PHP are all covered by Cloudways in its blog. Thus Cloudways blog will be a great source of knowledge to people who are connected to WordPress in every different way.


Best WordPress blog

Apart from providing you information on WordPress WPTavern is also a great source for BuddyPress, bbPress, and any WooCommerce related subject. It covers information on WordPress news, events, plugin, theme reviews, and even about key issues within the WordPress ecosystem.


WP floor WordPress Blog

WPFloor is a great blog for those who are looking forward to reading and understanding difficult WordPress content in a much simpler way. You can entirely rely on this blog for fresh, interesting content that makes you love WordPress more and more.


Best WordPress blog

With WPmayor you will get access to great content twice every week. If you are unable to visit their blog often you can subscribe to their newsletter by submitting your email address on their website. WordPress plugin reviews are their highlight content. They give an unbiased perspective on each and every product they are reviewing. So you do not have to think twice to check out the blog when you are in doubt to download or purchase a plugin.


WPGlossy WordPress blog

WPGlossy is another best source for getting WordPress tips, tutorials, and how-to-guides. You can also find exclusive deals for hosting, plugins and themes from this blog.

This blog publishes posts on a regular basis bringing every new information about WordPress. Thus checking out the blog once in a while is one of the best ways to keep yourself updated on WordPress.

WP Blog

Best WordPress blog

WPBlog, as its name suggests, is essentially a WordPress blogging platform. Its primary goal is to provide the best information regarding WordPress to all the people in need of it. It has a dedicated review section where you can read plugin and theme reviews so as to make quick decisions when looking for the right plugin or theme for your website or blog.


Best WordPress blog

WPLift is a great source for WordPress related content with a major focus on News, Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Security, WordPress tips, tutorials, and WooCommerce. They keep all their articles frequently updated so you are always presented with up to date content on their blog.


Best WordPress blog

LearnWoo is a great platform to read and enhance your knowledge of WordPress and all the related subjects. It makes sure you are provided with the best content on their blog. The up to date information regarding WordPress, WooCommerce, and their themes, plugins, etc., can be easily learned from this blog.


All the above-given blogs are a great pick if you are looking forward to reading and learning more about WordPress. But, if you are unable to keep track of the content of all these blogs, you can certainly narrow down the list by dividing these blogs to topics of your niche or by the tone or style of the language you find interesting to read, etc.


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