When you try to read any content on either online or print media, what is it that captures your attention first? Is it the written content or the images in it?

Certainly, your eyes are going to lock the images first before moving on to read the content. It is due to the mere fact that humans are psychologically wired to do so.

This makes adding images to your blog a very important task to bring in more traffic and growth to your blog/website.

This article will help you find the right resources for getting free and high-quality images for your blog. Give it a read.

Benefits of Adding Images to Your Blog

Other than the fact that images are visually appealing there are many other benefits to adding images to your blog. The important ones are as listed below.

Increases social media shares and engagement

If you post a plain text article and an article containing images to any social media platform, which one do you think is going to bring you the most shares?

Definitely the latter. That’s because of social media’s increasing affinity towards images. Thus you need to make sure that your blog contains beautiful and relevant images to generate great traffic from social media.

Makes a long article easily readable for your audience

Creating long-form content helps a lot in improving search engine optimization. But a long-form content filled with only text may not go down well with your audience, in fact, it might even affect your SEO badly.

You can easily solve this issue by adding relevant images in between the content. This will divide the long content into smaller chunks that are easily readable by your audience. This way you can satisfy the requirements of both search engines and your readers.

Helps convey complex ideas

If you think your article is about a complex topic, make sure you have all the images and infographics ready to explain the idea in the simplest way possible. Images have the power to convert complex ideas into easily digestible content.

Increases Search Engine Visibility

By adding images you are optimizing your content for increased search engine visibility. As you all are already aware keyword optimization is an important part of SEO.

We add keywords to the first few paragraphs and subheadings of your blog for better SEO. But once you add images to your blog, you will be able to add keywords in your image’s alt text and title thus increasing the search engine visibility of your content.


free stock images

Pixabay is one of the best places to find royalty-free images for your blog. It has a collection of over 1.7 million high-quality stock images belonging to a wide variety of categories ranging from Nature to Technology. Other than images, Pixabay also provides you with vector graphics, illustrations, and videos in just a single click on the search bar.


free stock images

Unsplash is another huge source for finding free high-resolution images for your WordPress blog. In addition to blog images, you can also visit Unsplash to look for beautiful Wallpapers, background images, etc.


free blog image site

Pexels has an amazing collection of free stock photos and videos shared by many talented creators across the globe. You can choose the one that best fits the context of your blog by simply entering the keyword to the site’s search box. It displays all the trending topics so you can quickly pick one that goes with the trend.


free blog image site

Formerly known as Stock.Xchng, this website was renamed “Freeimages” after its acquisition by Getty Images in 2014. It provides tons of stock photography and illustrations for free. You can use it for either personal or commercial purposes.

Life of Pix

free blog image site

Life of Pix is another great platform for finding free high-resolution images for your blogs. Unlike other free image websites, it helps you to find the right images with a filter option, using which you can filter images by categories, colors, and orientation.

New Old Stock

free historical stock images

New Old Stock is a tumbler page by product designer Cole Townsend. From this site, you will be able to find a selection of around 1500 historical and vintage, free stock photos curated by Townsend himself from the large archives of Flickr Commons.

Although these images are free, you will have to obey Flickr Commons’ restrictions and considerations when using these images.


free images for blog

Flickr is a giant community of tens of billions of photos and 2 million groups. In addition to photos, it also lets you connect to peoples and groups related to the keyword you enter on the search box.


Free stock images for blog

Reshot brings you uniquely free photos that you can use for either commercial non-commercial purposes of yours. These free stock photos on Reshot are collected from individual contributors and via partnerships with other photography communities. 


Free stock images

Gratisography is a free source of high-resolution creative images that you can download and use as you wish. What makes Gratisography different from other free image sources is its funny collections of images for example; Goofy grownups, mischievous men, whimsical women, etc.


Free images

Burst is a free stock photo platform by Shopify. With Burst, you can find high-quality images on everything you want. Whether it’s for your business websites or blogs, you have images ready to download. Burst allows you to download images with either high resolution or low resolution as per your requirements.


Free images website

Morguefile is a free image website that has been around since 1996. The site founded by Michael Connors was created to serve as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers to use in their work. Now it is used by a variety of professionals and bloggers to add value to their work.


Free stock images

Freestocks.org is a source of fresh and up to date free images that you can use for both commercial and personal purposes. The whole collection of images is divided into several categories, such as people, nature, fashion, foods&drinks, and more.


Free stock images

Rawpixel offers you the most diverse collection of stock photos that gives your blog a unique look. Other than images you can also find vectors and public domain illustrations that you can add to your WordPress blog to clearly convey your ideas.


There are a lot more websites out there providing free images. But make sure that you find a bunch of websites that can provide quality images for the niche you are writing about, so you never have to waste your time looking for it.

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