Are you planning on launching a new website/business?

Then you should get started on searching for a great domain name for your business if you haven’t already.

Domain names have a huge importance in building your brand. It stays with your brand forever. It’s like the proverb “Once your domain name always your domain name”. Changing domains midway can cost you a lot in terms of your SEO and traffic, which are essential for the growth of your business.

Thus you need to think hard to choose a suitable domain name that best represents your business. Once you have it, you need to make it your own by registering that domain name. Domain name registrars are what make it possible for you.

This article has listed all the best domain registrars so that it’s easier for you to pick one to register your domain name with.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Domain Name Registrar

If you do not want to go wrong while choosing the right domain registrar, you need to consider certain things.

Before you make any choice go through the below points along with considering your requirements. This will give you a fair idea about which one will be a good option for you.


Most domain registrars come in varying price ranges. There are both cheaper plans and costly plans to choose from. But when it comes to purchasing a domain name based on its cost, you shouldn’t just pick one having a lower initial registration cost.

Rather than that you need to look at both the initial registration and renewal fee for that domain. Sometimes domains having a lower registration fee could cost you a fortune in terms of its renewals that you have to pay every year as long as you use that domain.

Thus not thinking through such details could cause you a lot of trouble in the future like going through a domain transfer.

Good Customer Reviews and Strong Reputation

As with buying anything, you need to do good research on how well your potential domain registrar performs in terms of customer satisfaction and how reputed a business do they have, etc.

Once you go through their customer reviews you will be better convinced about whether or not to choose a particular domain registrar to buy domain names from.

Quality Customer Support

Your relationship with your domain provider doesn’t end with the purchase of a domain. You are going to have to reach them for domain registration renewals and to help solve issues related to your domain.

Thus before going with a domain registrar, you need to confirm that if they would be providing timely and ample support for your queries and issues related to their domain.

Domain Transfers

The domain transfer feature allows you to move domain names from one domain registrar to another. Domain transfers will only be enabled 60 days after the initial registration.

Most domain registrars let you transfer your domain name for free. But some others levy extra fee and makes you follow complicated procedures to do a domain transfer.

Thus it is necessary to review their domain transfer policy and choose the one that offers a fair domain transfer policy.

Add-on Services

It is good to take note of all the add-on services provided by the domain registrar. These additional features might come handy in the future. The major features you should look out for include; domain privacy, SSL certificates, email forwarding, etc.

Its time you got familiar with the list of the best domain registrars to make it easy to pick one. is one of the greatest domain service providers out there. With this provider, you can choose from popular top-level domains(TLD) and 25+ country code top-level domains(ccTLD).

It adds security to your website with a free SSL certificate and also protects your domain name from any unauthorized transfer or hijacks by availing transfer lock. Automatic email forwarding is also possible with this domain registrar.


GoDaddy is a popular name among the best domain name and hosting service providers. As per their website, nearly 19 million customers trust them with their domains.

One of the major reasons for the heavy popularity of GoDaddy is its huge collection of low-cost plans. Additional features offered by the domain service provider include real-time monitoring of your website, privacy protection (by replacing your name and contact details with proxy), business protection, bulk domain purchase, etc.


HostGator is a renowned name among the best hosting and domain name providers. Hostgator comes with a user-friendly control panel that helps you manage all aspects of your domains from a single dashboard.

Its domain locking feature prevents unauthorized transfer (or “hijacking”) of your domain names. With Hostgator, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to renew your registration as it has enabled auto-renewal by default.


It comes with a straight-forward domain registration experience for you. Hover‘s services are mainly centered around individuals and small business owners. With easy domain search and great support, hover is indeed one of the best choices to find and register your domain name.

Google Domains

With easy domain search and domain transfer facilities, Google domains has become one of the best places to find a domain name for your website or business.

It offers you advanced features to save your time. Such as domain sharing (using which you can give clients or co-workers permission to manage a domain alongside you), fast multi-domain registration, DNS export, etc.

Security is another strong area of this domain name registrar. Using the one-click DNSSEC you can fully protect your domains from DNS threats like cache poison attacks and DNS spoofing.

Free cloud DNS support and free privacy protection (protecting your contact information private on WHOIS and RDAP to prevent spam) are some other features in place to ensure tighten the lock of your data security.

Winding up…

Choosing the right domain name provider is the first and important step in setting up a website. Make sure you do it right by choosing your domain name registrar carefully.

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