For improving a product, work or situation you need to know what exactly its current status is. This is the only way you will be able to bring considerable changes to its status quo. Getting feedback might be easy with most of the things, but when it comes to a website things get a bit different.

A website no matter what content it deals with, is accessible to people all over the world. Thus, you can’t control who visits your website or know if they liked it or not. But, there are some tools that let you know the user’s behavior towards your website by the analysis of various components of data.

This article lets you get familiar with one such tool- Google Analytics, its features, how it works, and how Google Analytics benefits WordPress websites.

What is Google Analytics?

For those of you who need a short description of it, Google analytics is the most popular free service that Google provides for getting access to the user statistics of your website. This tool lets you get an insight into the website traffic, conversions, and user behavior so that you will be able to devise the best strategies for pulling more traffic into your website.

Benefits of Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress Website

Helps you find who visits your website and where they are from

By this sort of analysis, you get information on the visitors’ location, the browser used by the visitor, screen resolution, javascript support, language etc. This data helps improve your website’s traffic to a great extent.

To determine the peak visiting hours

Google analytics lets you find the peak hour of visitors in a day to your website. When you have this data you will be able to schedule the publishing time of your posts to be compatible with it. This, in turn, will ensure a large number of views and shares for your post right after its going live.

What people do on your website

By tracking the visitors’ movement on your website Google analytics let you find the pages they are visiting, how long they are staying on each of those pages of your website, and the bounce rate of your website, etc. This will help you bring effective changes to your website and in improving your website’s bounce rate.

How visitors interact with your website’s content

It is very useful to have clarity over how visitors interact with your website including information on the links that have been viewed most times so that you can pinpoint what makes them click those links and create such content in your own website for diverting those traffic to your website.

How people find your website

There are many different ways to find your website such as by Google search, a paid Google ad, from another website, directly to your site or via a social media network, etc. Thus if the statistics are available on the source of traffic you will be able to find which source plays important role in bringing traffic to your site. With this knowledge, you will be able to concentrate on that particular source and reach even more people.

How Google Analytics Works

A website contains many different elements in it. Hence, you need to have data on each of its performance for bringing overall improvement to your website. Google analytics is feature rich for getting to you the data on each of those elements of your website.

Google analytics is implemented to your site by adding a small snippet of javascript code to the site(whose performance needs to be evaluated). It then saves the data to the Google Analytics dashboard. When visitors enter the website they will be tagged by the tracking code and their movements on the website will be recorded. But, you need to make sure that each page of your website has a shortcode in it.

Given below are the various features of Google Analytics along with its description of what information it gets to you.

Content Analytics

Content analytics does an analysis of all the available content of your website and lets you know which are the top contents of your website. When you have this information you will be able to make a comparison among the rest of the contents and make necessary changes to the contents which did not receive better responses.

Analysis Tool

Analysis tool helps you in getting you all the statistical data regarding the users of your website. This tool even lets you create powerful filters and helps in the segmentation of visits.

Conversion Suite

This feature lets you know about the sales or downloads made from your store. This helps you keep track of the progress of your store and to make necessary changes to your store’s marketing plans if the sales went down.

Advertising Analytics

Just like the analysis of sales and downloads, it is also important to analyze how advertisements on your website are helping your business grow, ie; if they are effective in bringing sales or traffic to your website or if those ads need further improvement, etc. Since advertisements have an important role in growing your business it is important to keep track of its statistics for improving your website or business. This feature also helps you in creating effective landing pages and for choosing better keywords for your website.

Mobile Analytics

Now, the majority of web searches are made from smartphones. Thus, it is important to keep tracking mobile apps, and visits received from mobile devices for improving the performance of your website and also for making your site more mobile-friendly.

For knowing Real-time visits

This feature is extremely useful for data on how many people are visiting your website in real time including their current location, the page they are currently on, for how long they are visiting the site, etc. Using this data you will be able to find the top viewing blog and give it further promotion for attracting more people or for finding the reason for higher bounce rate and also to find an appropriate solution for it.


Google Analytics is indeed one of the best website analytical tool available so far. It helps you gather data from all areas of your website so that you can find which of these areas need improvement and which doesn’t. This will ultimately lead to better growth of your website.

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