Are you finding it hard to decide between Drupal and WordPress for building your blog or website? Then you are in the right place to have all your doubts cleared. This article will provide you with a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of both Drupal and WordPress. Thus, by going through this article you will be able to make a clear idea regarding which one to go for building your website.

Ease of Use: Which one would you find easy to handle?

No matter how many great features a content management system offers you if those features aren’t user-friendly to handle it is of no help. Getting stuck at different points can make the whole process worrisome for you. Thus user-friendliness is a top requirement of any content management system.


The popularity garnered by WordPress comes from its ease of use. Right from its installation and setup to its management involving content, themes, plugins, and updates can be easily done with WordPress. Even with limited technical knowledge, you can set up your website on WordPress. WordPress has a simple and easy-to-understand interface which makes website building super easy.


Drupal is easy to handle for building your website if you have a thorough knowledge of how it works. It demands you to have prior knowledge of it for making the process of building your website an effortless task for you. Drupal lets you build even advanced websites with it. If you come across any issues with Drupal, they help you with their active user community by answering questions and creating documentation on relevant topics. Still, you should think twice about choosing Drupal if you are a beginner at building websites.

Functionality: Let’s see who wins

The range of functionalities available in a content management system has a lot to do with how impressively the website turns out. Thus, if the content management system doesn’t have enough features or if it doesn’t provide any easy measures to add additional features to it, it is wise not to choose such website building platforms.


WordPress offers a huge number of functionalities with it. These functionalities are even easier to handle so that you can create your site or blog in a short period. You can add any functionality you need for a website using a plugin in WordPress. WordPress repository has more than 53,000 free and thousands of premium plugins for improving the functionalities of your website to greater limits.


Despite being a complex content management system it has got plenty of functionalities that you can make use of for building an awesome website. The only issue you would be facing is putting those functionalities to the proper use. Some of the popular features of Drupal include taxonomies, content types, blocks, views, etc.

Be it multiple page templates or content types Drupal has it all covered. You can also have advanced user permissions with Drupal such as site admins, individualized access to private content, content editors, etc. Drupal has a list of 39,000+ modules and 2,500+ themes in its official directory for you to have a great experience of building your website with Drupal.

Cost: Which is the fair deal?

If you are only a beginner at website building you wouldn’t be willing to spend a lot of money on it. Thus choosing a less costly content management system would be appropriate for beginners. Here is how the cost differs in the case of Drupal and WordPress.


WordPress doesn’t come at fixed prices. Its price varies with your requirements. Depending upon the hosting plan, cost of the theme, and additional plugins the price could range from $4 per month to several dollars. The top advantage of WordPress is that it will not stop you from your dream of starting your website for the lack of money.


Although Drupal is free for download and installation there are further costs associated with it. Since Drupal requires technical knowledge for making the best out of it, hiring Drupal developers would be required which will, in turn, shoot the overall cost since there aren’t a lot of them out there for you to hire.

Security: Let’s keep your website secure

Security breaches of online data have become a regular incident nowadays. The security of your online data is under threat of being hacked every passing second. Thus, it has become necessary to go for a content management system with top security measures for protecting its users’ data.


If you give higher priority to the security of your website, WordPress won’t be the best choice when compared to Drupal. WordPress has several drawbacks when it comes to the security of websites built on this platform. The major reason behind it is that WordPress allows in it tons of third-party plugins and themes, which always remains a security threat to it. However, you have the option to take appropriate measures to secure your WordPress website from such incidents if you wish to choose WordPress.


When it comes to security Drupal doesn’t compromise a bit. They make sure that the websites built on Drupal do not suffer any sort of security threats or data breaches. This is one of the top reasons why top government institutions and organizations with tight security needs rely on Drupal for building their websites. The University of Colorado, State of Colorado, The Economist, Dallas Cowboys, are examples of some major websites running on Drupal.


Each website building platform has got its merits and demerits. Thus, you should have a thorough understanding of the kind of website you are going to build including its current and future requirements. If you chose one CMS without giving these things much thought you will probably regret your decision later.

This is because changing your CMS is not as easy as it sounds, it might even adversely affect the performance of your website. Hence, instead of going with a random pick make your choice only on firm grounds.

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