Do you want to customize and secure a login page for your WordPress site?

The default WordPress login page isn’t very welcoming, is it? It’s more like a dull interface with no hint about your brand. If you want to customize the login page, you are off to a great start because it adds a touch of uniqueness that distinguishes your website from the rest. 

You can do it, in no time, with LoginPress. 

LoginPress is one of the best WordPress login plugins that allow you to customize your login page straight from your WordPress admin dashboard. Not limited to just rebranding your login page, LoginPress premium does a lot more for uplifting your site security. 

This guide will show you different ways to create a customized and secure WordPress login page with LoginPress without writing codes or hiring developers.

Let’s get started!

Why Create a Custom WordPress Login Page?

When you first install WordPress, it comes with a default login page. However, from a functionality and aesthetics perspective, the default login page differs from a fan’s favorite.

This is what the Default WordPress Login Page looks like: 

WordPress default login page

The problem with the default WordPress login page is that it’s the same for all websites. That might be good if you’re the only person logging into the website. However, if it’s a website where other people also log in, you may consider customizing the default login page to reflect the brand’s personality.

A custom WordPress login page is best for telling your brand’s identity. It helps to keep your WordPress site at the forefront of the users’ minds.

See the example below:

An example of a custom WordPress login page

Create a Custom WordPress Login Page with LoginPress

Let’s dive deep into how you built awesome-looking login pages within minutes without hiring an expert or writing a single line of code.

Step 1: Install the LoginPress Plugin

First of all, install and activate the LoginPress plugin. For more details, see this step-by-step guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Note: LoginPress free is enough for most of you to swap the dull look and feel of the default login page. But if you want to work on the login form regarding security, you’ll need LoginPress Pro.

Step 2: Get Started with LoginPress

Once you’ve installed and activated LoginPress, go to the left sidebar of the WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to LoginPress.

Here resides the main functionality of LoginPress in the Settings, Customizer, and Add-Ons options.

LoginPress tab from WordPress dashboard

1. LoginPress Settings Section

First, let’s explore the LoginPress Settings options. These settings help you control the overall behavior of the login page. 

LoginPress lets you enable Session Expire, Auto Remember Me, and Custom Password Field. You can change the Login Order, i.e., Both Username Or Email Address, Only Username, Only Email Address. 

Moreover, LoginPress premium has Force Login and reCAPTCHA that helps you strengthen your login page.

LoginPress settings page

2. LoginPress Customizer Section

The LoginPress Customizer section helps you uplift the default WordPress login page. 

For that purpose, go to LoginPress in the WordPress admin dashboard and click Customizer. You’ll be taken to the Customizer screen, where you get several essential options for customizing the default WordPress login page, including theme, font, logo, or background

You can customize each element on the Login Form, including  Login Button, Error and Welcome Messages, Form Footer, and more.

This is not it! LoginPress offers excellent Custom CSS/JS that lets you override your theme’s styles and add desired functionality without hurting your theme or plugin files. 

LoginPress customizer section

3. LoginPress Add-Ons Section

LoginPress offers several free and paid Add-Ons that extend the plugin’s functionality. 

Let’s see how these Add-Ons help you customize the login page.

3.1. Login Logout Menu

Login Logout Menu is a built-in Add-on with the LoginPress plugin. If you are using LoginPress (Free), you don’t need to install the Login Log Out Menu plugin separately. 

This Add-on lets you add options such as Login, Log Out, Register, Profile, and User as menu items to the website menu. 

Login Logout Menu

3.2. Social Login

The Social Login Add-on helps you to integrate social logins in the login form. So the users can get themselves registered or logged in to your WordPress site, in no time, via their existing social media accounts.

Social login settings

3.3. Auto-Login

Auto Login is a premium Add-on that allows selected users to log in to your website with a unique customized link instead of their login details. 

Auto Login option for WordPress login

3.4. Login Widget

LoginPress premium has the Login Widget Add-on. It uses Ajax to help users log in via the sidebar. 

LoginPress has styled the Login Widget, but you may uplift the style according to your site with custom codes.

Login widget

3.5. Limit Login Attempts

By default, there are no restrictions on login attempts. So, hackers continuously try to crack your WordPress site. Such unsecured websites often fall victim to these attacks. 

LoginPress Limit Login Attempts Add-on fills in the gap nicely. It limits the number of attempts users have to log into your website, so the hackers cannot use long scripts repeatedly to break into your site.  

Limit Login Attempts

3.6. Hide Login

LoginPress Hide Login helps you change the default structure of the WordPress login page, i.e., or

This is the best security measure to outsmart hackers and prevent brute-force attacks.

Hide Login option

3.7. Login Redirects 

The Login Redirects is a premium Add-on that redirects users to specific website URLs. The redirection could be set for Specific Users or Specific Roles (of the users on your WordPress site).

Login Redirects

Step 3: Publish the Changes

Once done, don’t forget to click the Publish button to Live all changes.

Publish the changes


LoginPress is the best WordPress login plugin for customizing the default WordPress login page. With this plugin, you get powerful options for making changes to the login page’s layout and enhancing individual elements, even if you are not an expert. 

Please ask if you have any questions about customizing the WordPress login page in the comments section below! We also recommend you to read our article on 7 Tips To Secure Your WordPress Site.

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