Starting a new blog can be a nervous experience for some, and for most of them, the worry would be regarding which blogging platform to choose for building their blog from the plethora of options available. In this article, the options have been narrowed down to two of the most popular blog builders- Blogger and WordPress.

This article will give you an elaborate comparison between Blogger and WordPress on various factors that are necessary for a blog to survive. Going through the below content will give you an insight into which one to go for.

Control and Ownership

Ownership of the blog and the control you have upon your blog can hugely impact how well your blog turns out. Hence while looking for a blogging platform make sure it is capable of fulfilling your intentions of blogging (monetization, branding, or just as a hobby).


Blogger aka Blogspot is owned by Google. Hence it is important that you possess a Google account for running your blog on BlogSpot. If your Google account ever gets shut down or Google stops blogger (Google has stopped some of its services in the past) it will also mark the end of your blog. Besides that, you will have to abide by their terms & conditions. All these reasons make Blogger a less consistent platform to blog.


Unlike Blogger, your WordPress blog will be yours to control, you can decide how long you want to run your blog and when you want to stop it, etc. The ownership will be entirely yours. Still, your blog has a web host and you are bound by their rules. But you have the option to move to a new host if you are finding it difficult to meet any of their requirements.

Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance are the two most important points to consider before choosing a platform for building your blog. Knowing which of these platforms require higher maintenance and who will provide better support will help you choose your platform with much ease.


Blogger, being a Google product and a simple blogging platform needs no maintenance at all. With Blogger, you do not have to worry about your blog running into any issues. Hence, Blogger doesn’t provide any support as well. All they provide in the form of support is basic documentation and a user’s forum.


With W0rdPress, you will not find it hard to find support. There are tons of documents, tutorials, and articles available online to help you with any issue that might come up while running a WordPress blog. If it is not enough, you can even avail support from various WordPress communities and IRC chatrooms, where experienced WordPress users and developers will help you solve your issues. In addition to that, there are companies that provide WordPress support if you are willing to pay for their service.


People blog for different reasons. Some people consider it a hobby they like to do on weekends and for some others it involves monetization of their blog and its branding. Hence cost would be the deciding factor for these people’s choice of a blogging platform.


Blogger is free of cost. You can easily start your blog using just a Google account. Hence Blogger would be a great choice for people who like blogging as a hobby. It doesn’t even require you to purchase a domain name for your website since you will be provided with a default URL with Blogspot. But, if you wish to register your blog with a different domain, you can buy one for around $10.


Blogging with WordPress will not be a cheap deal such that of Blogger. It will cost you in the registration of your domain name and in the hosting of your blog. In addition to it, since WordPress provides you with a bundle of options for customization, there will be cost related to it as well. This includes the cost of purchasing plugins and. But, if you need only a simple blog with adequate features you have the option to go for free versions of themes and plugins and for reducing the overall cost.


Security is also an important factor you need to consider while choosing your blogging platform. An insecure blogging platform could affect your blog’s performance by frequent loss of data (caused by the absence of proper backup facilities) and other security issues. Hence, it is safe to look for a platform that ensures you all the safety you need for your blog to thrive.

As far as security is concerned, Blogger is a safe platform for your blogs as it is a part of Google, the tech giant with massive security measures to protect the data inside their platforms. It ensures the entire security of your blog by securing your blog, creating backups, and managing your server’s resources.


Although WordPress isn’t an insecure platform for setting up your blog, you can’t expect it to happen on its own as with Blogger. You will have to take care of the responsibility of securing your blog. To make it easy for you, WordPress offers you a number of extensions and other tools. There are plugins specially developed for the purpose of backup and security of your blogs.


The great asset of a blog has always been its killer content. Still, customizing it a bit to make it appear engaging and user-friendly will help your blog a long way in making it a popular choice. Hence, providing easier and effective options for customization in a blogging platform will truly help you in creating interesting blogs.


In terms of customization options blogger is a very limited platform. It doesn’t offer many options for customization other than a few official templates and a selection of third-party templates to choose from to help you change the appearance of your blog.


There are endless possibilities for customizations of your blog with WordPress. They include a numerous number of plugins and themes available both in their free and premium versions. Themes let you give your blog an outstanding appearance and provides your users with engaging content. Plugins help to customize your blog to make it more user-friendly.


By considering most of the above features you might be able to forecast how each of these blogging platforms will do in the future. Hence, it is better to consider this factor as well before you make your choice.


As you know already, Blogger is a Google product and every decision regarding Blogger will be the sole authority of Google. Apart from that, the fact that Blogger is a free service, strips you of any control of your blog. Hence, Google will decide how long does your Blog runs and when it ends. This uncertainty regarding its future makes Blogger comparatively a less popular choice for people who consider blogging as a profession than a hobby.


WordPress is a fine choice whether you wish to blog as a hobby or with intentions of profit and branding. This open-source software doesn’t invest the control upon one person, hence you can decide how long your blog stays on the market.


I hope this above article was informative enough to clarify your doubts regarding which blogging platform is better when it comes to Blogger V/S WordPress. If you are a newbie in Blogging and loves to blog as a hobby, then Blogger is a great choice as it doesn’t require you to set up a blog and you avail its service for free. But, if you consider blogging as a profession WordPress would be the best choice as it offers you great control and customization options for improving your blogging experience.


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