Podcasting has garnered great popularity over the years hence has become a great platform for marketing purposes. If you are looking for the right plugin to help you set podcasts on a WordPress website, you have it here.

Go through the below article and make your pick.

PowerPress Podcasting Plugin by Blubrry

WordPress podcast plugin

PowerPress is one of the popular and free podcasting plugins currently available for your WordPress website. It comes with a bundle of awesome features that make it easy for you to set up a podcasting website.

It has a simple mode and an advanced mode. With simple mode, you can create a podcast in just three simple steps and would be a great option for those who are overwhelmed by the settings and options.

An advanced mode will give you access to more awesome features to make the best out of podcasting. You can switch these modes as per your preference.

Key Features of PowerPress

  • Multiple audio/video player options with embed support.
  • Integrated with HTML5 Media Players
  • Fully supports Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Blubrry Podcasting directories, and all other podcasting applications.
  • Simple mode and advanced mode for creating podcasts.
  • Excellent podcasting SEO features
  • Easy podcast importing from SoundCloud, LibSyn, Squarespace, PodBean, or other podcast RSS feed.
  • Easy migration from PodPress, TGS Podcasting, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Blogger, etc., without losing episodes.
  • Supports multi podcasting so that you can create separate podcasts by category (Category Podcasting) or by media format (Podcast Channels).

Seriously Simple Podcasting (Free)

WordPress podcasting plugin

Seriously Simple podcasting is another free top-rated WordPress plugin for making podcasting easy for WordPress users. The plugin will be loved by both beginners and professionals alike with its easy setup, advanced features, and powerful customization options.

Key Features of Seriously Simple Podcasting

  • Create and manage multiple separate podcasts each with their own feeds from WordPress.
  • Manage multiple podcasts from the same site
  • Customize the embedded media player
  • Free analytics, add-ons, and other integrations
  • Control how you want your podcasts to appear on your website by choosing a posts type of your preference.
  • Video podcasting support
  • One-click import which enables you to easily migrate an existing show into WordPress.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

WordPress podcast plugin

Podlove is another member of the group of free podcast plugins for WordPress. It helps you provide a great listening experience for your podcast audience.

Key Features of the Podlove Plugin

  • The plugin creates highly expressive, efficient, and super compatible podcast feeds.
  • Multi-format publishing
  • HTML5 compatible fully optimized web player
  • Flexible templates

Podcast Player

WordPress podcast plugin

Podcast player allows you to play your podcast episodes using podcasting feed URL and display them anywhere on your site using the widget, shortcode, or editor block.

Key Features of Podcast Player

  • Display a responsive podcast player just by entering your podcast’s feed URL.
  • Fetch all required details from the feed URL.
  • Option to Show or Hide individual player elements.
  • An option to share your podcast episodes.


Using any of the listed podcasting plugins will help you create a podcasting website of your own. I hope this article has been helpful for you in finding the right plugin.

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