WordPress came up with the new Gutenberg editor which is a fully block-based post and page editor, following the key updates in WordPress 5.0. Every piece of content can be easily customized with the drag-and-drop features available in this editor. Gutenberg blocks help users design posts and pages in an easy way. 

The introduction of Gutenberg has helped WordPress to become more flexible to create pages and posts. To enhance your WordPress site posts and pages with Gutenberg Blocks, we have added 20 Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress.

Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Below are some of our picks for the best free Gutenberg plugins that can help you get the best out of the new and improved WordPress editor.

1. Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Atomic Blocks is an early adopter of the Gutenberg block editor. Launching and creating any sort of site as per your prerequisite gets easy with Atomic Blocks which is an assortment of page building blocks. 

Atomic Blocks is advanced with adjustable catches, flawlessly structured page areas and full-page format plans through the Section and Layout block.

2. Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks 

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Stackable is one of the first and most extensive block collections made exceptionally for Gutenberg. It adds basic custom blocks to Gutenberg’s stockpile to accomplish a smooth page building experience. 

With its most recent iteration, Stackable brings a suite of high-quality blocks for page building, with exactness design tools that let you construct the ideal website and landing page that you need.

3. Guteblock – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Block collections made for Gutenberg the brand-new WordPress Block Editor. Guteblock currently has 12+ active blocks. Rapid development is ongoing as mentioned on their plugin page. They have 30+ blocks on their list. This plugin will help users to get a smooth page building experience. 

4. Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter is a lightweight WordPress plugin that brings additional Gutenberg blocks to your site. In case you need to create complex pages and posts optimized for e-commerce, business, social media, blogs, websites – and so on – accompanies many Gutenberg blocks that are all you need to fabricate wonderful pages. Section Block is the main highlight of these blocks which allows you to build columns and layouts.

5. JetFormBuilder

JetFormBuilder WordPress form plugin for the Gutenberg editor lets you add both basic and advanced forms to your WordPress website. JetFormBuilder, created by Crocoblock (the team behind JetPlugins for Elementor), uses the Gutenberg blocks interface. More than 18 form fields, multi-step forms, patterns, and post submit actions are available in the free version.

6. Advanced Gutenberg 

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Advanced Gutenberg includes the missing blocks and configuration you need to build professional websites. Take control of the new Gutenberg editor with user edition profile setup and 20+ new blocks and options. 

Advanced Gutenberg is a free plugin that gives more authority over the WordPress block editor. Advanced Gutenberg got the biggest block library and highlights: channel the blocks accessible per user role, or even per user, a table manager block, an accordion and tab blocks, a contact form block, and some more!

7. Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Kadence Blocks provides tools to empower WordPress users to create unique, engaging, and meaningful content easily in the native WordPress editor. It is meant to be a toolkit that makes the WordPress Block editor capable of creating content which is usually only possible through popular page building plugins.

Row/Layout block can create custom layouts in your pages with easy column control that you are sure to love. With their editing toolkit, the WordPress editor becomes a powerful page builder with all the controls and functionalities you could wish for.

8. Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks Page Builder

Gutentor is a rapidly growing WordPress page building blocks plugin for Gutenberg WordPress editor. This drag-and-drop page builder works with all WordPress themes and it comes with several ready-to-use blocks and templates. You can build any kind of website with Gutentor.

The most enticing feature of Gutentor is its ability to control and customize every single element of your website including color, typography, layout, background, header, footer, main content area, buttons, shadow, margin, padding, and so on. Moreover, it is fully responsive, and sites built are responsive to any screen size.

9. Block Gallery – Photo Gallery Gutenberg Blocks 

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

The radically stunning suite of beautiful gallery Gutenberg blocks was built exclusively for the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor. This block is specifically useful for photographers, artists, writers, and content marketers. Add images, then switch between any gallery till you find the perfect gallery. 

Block Gallery offers an unrivaled drag-and-drop gallery-building experience in Gutenberg. Just a single click and you can go from a full-screen masonry gallery to a casual carousel.

10. Zoloblocks

Zoloblocks image

Zoloblocks is the first Gutenberg block plugin that brings a true page builder experience for the users. The plugin comes with advanced block features that offer a great amount of flexibility, customizations, and controls over elements. What makes Zoloblocks unique is the user-centric UI which makes using the plugin easier for both beginners and experts. It takes a no-brainer to master Gutenberg through the exceptional features of Zoloblocks.

11. PostX


PostX is a dynamic Gutenberg blocks plugin – armed and ready to create picture-perfect news magazine sites in a matter of seconds! It’s a lightweight Gutenberg page builder plugin that allows users to create tasteful-looking blogs with ease. Leveraging the power of this Gutenberg blog builder, you get access to all essential features and settings, crucial for your blog to flourish.

Whether it’s a personal portfolio or a blog of your personal adventures, you can do it all with PostX. With over 20+ ready-made starter site designs, you have the ability to bring your personality to your audience in the form of a highly customized blog. With over 30K+ active users, PostX can be your next blogging tool of choice!

12. Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

With OrbitFox you can broaden your theme functionalities as it is enriched with different modules like Social Media Share Buttons and Icons, Uptime Monitoring, Google Analytics, custom menu icons, a single click import page layouts, page builder addons, and free stock featured images. With a simple to-utilize admin panel OrbitFox is a user-focused plugin.

One of the most significant highlights is that modules may be stacked if they meet two conditions. If they are required and if they are compatible with your existing plugins and themes. 

13. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg 

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

Innovative and amazing blocks to assist you with building websites in a matter of seconds! This Gutenberg addon will help you in website building. You can just pick up your preferred blocks from the Ultimate Addons that accelerate the process of building a website with simple-to-utilize settings and customizations for instinctive visual styling. 

With the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, we took the hassle out of the website-building process. It gives you several unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg that help you build and design pages or posts without a single line of code. A simple use interface and several customizations make it easier to build pages and complete websites without any custom code.

14. Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

The comprehensive Gutenberg blocks Plugin for marketers and bloggers makes it insanely easy to create better and more engaging content with Gutenberg. This plugin will The Ultimate Blocks plugin currently offers 14 different blocks that can perform tasks of multiple plugins alone. 

This plugin is new, but several different blocks are in the pipeline for future releases. As everything is set by default; you can get started with a new blog post and start using these amazing blocks.

15. Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

CoBlocks is the most inventive assortment of page building WordPress Blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor. With extra blocks and genuine column and row building, CoBlocks gives you a genuine page building experience for Gutenberg. CoBlocks is amazing yet lightweight: it adds different functionalities to the WordPress editor. This is the plugin you’ve been waiting for, and it will make you re-evaluate what WordPress is able to do. 

CoBlocks is the last page builder you’ll ever require you get a triumphant blend of extra WordPress Blocks, and page building functionalities. 

16. Gutenberg Blocks and Page Builder – Qubely

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Create your own amazing website pages with an undeniable Gutenberg block toolkit having predefined segments, stunning custom blocks, and layout packs. Opening the boundless potential outcomes, it controls the restrictions of the Gutenberg editor. 

Qubely is an easy-to-understand Gutenberg plugin with advanced functionalities and necessary customization features. Qubely accompanies different inherent layout design packages totally free of cost. Additionally, these can be altered and styled in your way without the box styling options and take control of your web design. 

17. Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – Kioken Blocks

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Kioken Blocks is an awesome suite of cutting-edge Gutenberg Blocks that will augment your efficiency and innovative opportunity. It takes just two or three minutes to make an excellent, responsive site with Kioken Blocks. With the Kioken Blocks for Gutenberg, your page building experience with the new editor is maximized. 

Kioken Blocks has novel and creative Blocks that will assist you with designing and building pages and posts rapidly, like an ace.

18. Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Presented in core WordPress with version 5.0. Gutenberg will eventually influence the entire publishing experience including customization. This will help you in testing the bleeding edge features around editing and customization projects before future WordPress releases. 

WordPress stands apart from other systems by creating a post layout as you can imagine if you know HTML and CSS and build your own theme. This editor as a tool lets you write rich posts and create beautiful layouts; we can transform WordPress into something users love. 

Gutenberg looks at the editor as more than a content field, revisiting a layout that has been largely unchanged for almost a decade. This allows us to holistically design a modern editing experience and build a foundation for things to come.

19. WE Blocks – Image, Testimonial And Logo Slider Gutenberg Blocks 

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

WE Blocks plugin is an extraordinary combo of slider blocks. It incorporates posts slider, Image slider, Testimonials slider, and Client Logo slider block. Blocks are an awesome new way of creating rich content in WordPress and this plugin will further ease your life to add sliders on your site. It makes it easier to create responsive, customizable Posts/Image/Testimonial/Logo sliders in the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

20. Editor Blocks for Gutenberg 

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Editor Blocks is an exclusive collection of blocks for the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg). Every theme displays blocks differently, which is why the Editor Blocks plugin is paired with a bespoke theme, so we can optimize the design and create a seamless integration.

21. Essential Blocks for Gutenberg 

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Essential Blocks Library for WordPress Gutenberg editor originates from the developer of the most well-known component’s library Essential Addons for Elementor. Add forces to your page and post builder using these simple to-utilize blocks that are intended to make your next WordPress page and posts structure simpler and prettier than before. Improve your Gutenberg experience with 14 inventive blocks (more just around the corner).

22. CP Blocks 

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

CP Blocks is a simple method to embed cool buttons, styles, scripts, donation buttons payments, and features into your WordPress site without any programming knowledge. With CP Blocks you can get access to numerous assets like design elements, form’s fields, latest features, and more.

Over to you…

We hope you find an awesome Gutenberg plugin to supercharge your WordPress website. Which is your favorite Gutenberg plugin? Do you have concerns, questions, or suggestions? Please share in the comments.

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