Most of the websites across the world are handling the user’s data collected from their website in a very poor manner ie; without any strict security checking. This ease in handling the personal data of their users has become a major threat to users privacy and security.
This is what persuaded the EU to come up with the GDPR law obsoleting cookie law that preceded it. Since it is very important to abide by this law, you need to have plans on board to carefully deal with your users’ information. A plugin created specifically for dealing with all your users’ data would be the right step in complying with the law.
If you are looking for a detailed explanation on GDPR and on complying your WordPress website with the law, you can take a look at the article ” The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance: Made Easy“.
This article has listed 6 best WordPress GDPR plugins that would assist you in the process of complying with the GDPR law.

1. GDPR Cookie Consent


This free GDPR cookie consent plugin is a great choice for a free plugin, as it offers you numerous features for abiding with the law and for giving your users a secure visit on your WordPress website.

Newly enforced GDPR law must have been a real bummer for most of you since it is necessary to get certain user activities of your website for enhancing your website experience and for attracting visitors to your site. This law is a big obstacle to accessing such information but using this plugin you can have much more control over the data accumulated in your website without hurting the law.

When visitors open your website, this plugin will show a notice with Accept and Reject options. By default, the cookie value will be set to ‘null’. If the user clicks ‘Accept’ button the value will be changed to ‘yes’. If the user clicks on ‘Reject’ the value will be set to ‘no’. Your developer can check this value to set a cookie. Admin can add cookie details from the backend and the list of cookies can be displayed in your cookie policy page by using a shortcode.

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It has various customization options available in it that let you style it the way it fits with your existing website’s style. You can fully customize the color, fonts, styles, the position on the page and even the action of the Accept button after clicking on it. The standout features of the plugin are, however, the automatic scanning of the cookies and automatic blocking of the tracking scripts on the website until the users give consent.

Note: If you are wondering what cookies your website uses, enter the URL of the website in this tool and it will scan and display the cookies used.

Using this plugin you can choose to make the cookie bar disappear after a few seconds or to accept on scroll (an option available under Italian law). Using the cookie audit module of this plugin you can easily show what cookies your site uses and display them neatly in a table on your Privacy & Cookies Policy page.

Here is a look at all the features of this free plugin.

  • Fully customizable to look just like your own website’s style: customize the colors, styles, and fonts
  • Put the cookie bar in either the header or the footer
  • (Optional) accept cookie policy if the user scrolls
  • (Optional) automatically close the cookie bar after a delay (delay is configurable)
  • (Optional) cookie bar can be permanently dismissed or accessible through a “show again” tab
  • (Optional) “show again” tab is fully customizable including position shown on page and styles
  • “Cookie Audit” shortcode to construct a nicely-styled ‘Privacy & Cookie Policy’
  • WPML compatible
  • qTranslate support

2. GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

If you need more control over the cookie and consent settings of your website, you should go for this premium plugin.

This premium version lets you categorize cookies into various categories along with assigning a priority value to each of these categories. Other than cookie categories, you will also get to manage the list of cookies like its -Name, CookieID, Description, Duration, Type, Header Script, and Footer Script.

This plugin offers a cookie settings popup where site visitors can opt-in or give consent to cookies on category wise. This feature gives greater flexibility to visitors on choosing which cookies to be allowed.

Extensive customization options provided by this plugin allows you to style cookie consent settings to match the style of your existing website. Such as placing the cookie bar in the header or footer of your website, considering user’s scroll as consent(optional), automatically closing the cookie bar after a delay( the delay is configurable).

If you wish, you can display a show again tab on your website so that visitors would be able to access cookie bar again easily. Using its customization options you can change the position of the tab on the page and its styles as well.

Using the cookie audit shortcode you could display the list of cookies active on your website and by using this shortcode on “PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY ” page you will be able to create a very detailed cookie policy demanded by law for your visitors.

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GDPR law applies only to European citizens. Thus by selecting the “show only for EU country” option, you can stop your website from displaying the cookie consent bar for people outside of EU.

Another cool feature you will have access to by purchasing this plugin is the “consent report feature”, which would be a great help for site admin in easily finding out each of its user’s cookie details along with their date of visit and User ID for different analyses.

Using the import/export feature of this plugin you would be able to import or export cookies from a website or to another website.

Since this plugin is WPML compatible, cookie consent will work fine in any language.

3. WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance

Using this free plugin you would be able to place a GDPR checkbox asking permission for collecting users data on both WooCommerce checkout page and WordPress comment section in addition to the cookie consent bar in the home page.

These settings are completely optional and you can choose to display it or not.  With this plugin, your visitors can give permission to all of the created consents (scripts) through a consent bar at the bottom of their screen. There they can also access their personal settings to give or deny permission to individual consents. Once their settings are saved the bar disappears for 365 days.

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WP GDPR Compliance currently supports Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, WordPress Comments. Please visit for frequently asked questions and our development roadmap.

4. Cookie Notice for GDPR

Cookie Notice for GDPR

Here is another free plugin that can ensure you 100% GDPR compliance along with a bundle of cool features. Unlike other GDPR plugins, Cookie notice for GDPR is very easy to set up.

Multiple cookie expiry options, WordPress Privacy Policy page synchronization, and SEO- friendliness, etc of this plugin keeps it stand out among other GDPR plugins.

For a free plugin, it is brimming with features. It has many features that other plugins only offer in their premium version only. Option to accept cookies on the scroll, Option to set on scroll offset, option to refuse functional cookies, etc, features mostly found in premium cookies.

Apart from the various customization options provided by this plugin, there are options to even delete all the information that is accumulated in this plugin in the event of deactivation.

5. GDPR Free WordPress Plugin

GDPR Free WordPress Plugin

This free plugin is meant to assist a Controller, Data Processor, and Data Protection Officer (DPO) with efforts to meet the obligations and rights enacted under the GDPR.

This plugin ensures your visitors and customers complete control over the way their data is being handled by your website. Using this plugin you will be able to make sure that all the users’ rights are protected. Including the right to be forgotten, right to access, right to portability, etc.

6. GDPR Premium WordPress Plugin

GDPR Premium WordPress Plugin

The premium version of the above plugin helps you gain the trust of your users by enabling solid consent management. It includes the management of your Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and creating custom granular preferences for users to control and opt-out if desired.

Your users will be able to have complete control over their data therefore when a user makes a request to erase or anonymize all of their data from your WordPress website, it will be done right away by this plugin.

Provide the tools for users to request their data through double opt-in confirmations and export the contents in a JSON or XML format for portability.

By using this plugin, you will be able to track and record all user activity from consent to notifications, including deletion requests and enables easy data recovery with encrypted and secure audit logs.

This plugin works great with WPML, MailChimp, BuddyPress, Google Adwords & Analytics, Facebook, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

Wrapping Up

Although activating a GDPR plugin in your website is essential for gaining compliance with the law, it cannot assure you 100% compliance of your website. Still, using a plugin for this purpose is indeed a great start. Half the job would be done by using this plugin.