Including a contact form benefits your websites in various ways. It keeps you connected to your users or customers. Thus, if you do not have a contact form on your website yet or are planning to modify the existing one, using a contact form plugin would be a right move, since manual set up can take up a lot of your time. Hence, here are a few top contact form plugins for WordPress which you can consider. Go through this article and by the time you finish reading it, you will be able to make your pick.

WP Forms

This drag and drop WordPress form builder is one of the best plugins available for easily creating contact forms for your website. Its drag and drop feature is certainly a cool one since it makes building forms super easy and fast. Besides that, you don’t even have to write any code to create forms with this plugin.

If you need to quickly insert forms into your website, you can do so easily by using the pre-built forms that come with this plugin. This saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to start building it from scratch. Instant notification facility is one of the most striking features offered by this plugin, which enables your team to respond quickly to queries and to win their trust.

WP Forms follows a smart conditional logic that guarantees high performing forms for your WordPress websites. Your website’s payment processes won’t become a messy one once after you add this plugin to it.

Additional features provided by this plugin lets you create subscription forms ( connects it with email marketing services), adds forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footer, etc, and prevents spam submissions.

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Form Maker by WD

Form Maker by WD is a popular WordPress plugin to create forms on your website. Its easy-to-use interface lets you build forms quicker than you could imagine. You can build even complex forms easily using this plugin.

With this plugin, you can create forms with 14 pre-built field types (Custom HTML, Text Input, Multiple Choice, Single choice, Time and date, Survey tools, Select box, Payment, File upload, Captcha, page break, Section break, Map, Button) which are highly customizable to match every need of yours.

This plugin lets you view the submissions for each form you have and its statistics. For making it easier to analyze the submission data you can even apply filters on it and later export the data in CSV or XML file formats if you prefer to do so. This form maker plugin generates shortcodes for each form so that it will be easy to add forms on pages and posts by just inserting these shortcodes into it. Another great attraction of this plugin is that it lets you create multi-page forms, which will only take you to use the page break field to separate the pages in your forms.

This form maker plugin comes with 11 sample form templates including the Employment application, Customer survey, and Registration forms which you can use on your website with or without customization.

Jotform WordPress Forms

Jotform WordPress Forms is an all-around online form solution for your WordPress website. It allows users to effortlessly create beautifully designed contact forms, surveys, polls, and quizzes – no coding is required at any step. 

The drag-and-drop design interface is easy to use and intuitive, but users can choose from one of the hundreds of ready-made templates as well. Jotform offers many powerful form fields, widgets, and advanced features such as conditional logic, allowing you to build unique dynamic forms. Users can store their data either in Jotform or send it to one of the many apps Jotform seamlessly integrates with, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets. You can also build automated workflows and eliminate manual data entry, saving time and effort on your contact forms. 

You can build auto-generated reports, graphs, and dashboards and allow your visitors to schedule appointments through your form. Site visitors also have the option to fill it out, save their progress, and return to it if they’d like. Autoresponders and reminder emails can be set up and include well-designed PDFs of your documents. Jotform also allows you to collect payments and legally binding e-signatures, covering all of your form needs in one feature-packed tool.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the fastest way to build contact forms for your WordPress websites. Its visual form editor makes the process easy and fun for you. Over 30 ready-to-use form fields that come with this plugin make it easy to choose one and use it on your forms.

Its conditional logic lets you configure your form based on the user’s selections. This plugin allows your users to easily upload documents or photos to the form, in addition to offering email auto-responders to let you know every time a form is submitted.

If you have a lengthy form on your website, the user might take time to fill in all the details. These situations require you to let your users save the partially filled form and then later return to finish it. Gravity Forms has this feature covered in it. 

Additionally, this plugin offers easy integration with MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, Highrise, Freshbooks, Dropbox, Zapier, etc, as well as advanced calculation capabilities. 
The plugin also has an add-on to import entries on Gravity Forms. With this add-on, you can import data from a CSV file to the entries section of the Gravity Form. The admin will also be able to update existing entries on the form using this add-on. It lets you easily import digital signatures, coupon data, and survey data collected using Gravity Forms.


HappyForms is the best choice for those who are looking for a free solution to build forms easily on your website. This drag and drop form builder makes it really easy to build forms. Its live preview feature helps you vastly in customization of forms, as you do not have to rely on guesswork anymore to see how the changes you made looks on the front-end.

Using this plugin you can add forms anywhere on your pages, posts, or widget areas and even add multiple forms to the same page. This plugin lets you create an unlimited number of responsive forms, emails, and messages. This GDPR compliant plugin comes with over 50 built-in style controls and one-click HoneyPot & Google ReCaptcha spam prevention. Confirmation message on form submission, confirmation email sent to the recipient, easy duplication of forms, the creation of multiple columns on a single click, etc, are additional features offered by this plugin.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an easy-to-use, simple, and flexible choice for creating contact forms for your website. You can even build complex forms with ease using the drag and drop feature offered by this plugin, which makes form creation as easy as dragging and dropping a field to the form.

This plugin makes it easy to add form fields dynamically if you need to collect multiple sets of information with a single entry. If the form contains complex data, you can split complex data entry into manageable multi-page forms that auto-save a draft on each page turn. Besides that, this plugin also offers progress bars and root-lines for ensuring a great user experience.

The front-end edit feature allowed by this plugin lets your users edit form entries, submissions, and user-created pages/posts easily. You can even create reports of form entries’ statistics in nicely styled graphs and charts that auto-update with the addition of new data. Extra features offered by this plugin include the facility to save & continue partial submissions, multiple-file upload facility, forms that provide – instant online estimates, calculate advanced product options, interest/repayment calculators, etc.

Ninja Forms

This free WordPress tool is a flexible and easiest solution for building forms for your website. With Ninja Forms, you will be able to control each element of the form like general settings, individual fields, submit actions, emails, etc. Integrating the form with your site becomes far easier since you can do it easily with a widget, shortcode, or template function and even by embedding it automatically to any of the content.

This plugin is translation ready thereby allowing easy translation of the forms to any language you choose. Instant and easy updates are also one of the plus points of this plugin.

Contact Form to Email

This contact form plugin is an easy form builder plugin that lets you build forms with ease. Using this form builder plugin you can create multi-page forms, forms with conditional logic or dependent fields (shown or hidden based on other field selections), and export the form data to add to external services, etc.

While building forms using this plugin you get to define all the fields that will appear in the form such as text fields, checkboxes, drop-down, uploads, etc. Contact form to email comes with payment/booking forms having direct integration with different major payment gateways ( PayPal, Stripe, Skrill,, SagePay, RedSys, Mollie/iDeal, etc)

Additional benefits of purchasing this plugin include pre-built form templates, spam protection, unlimited forms, unlimited entries, automatic email reports, Integration for- MailChimp, WooCommerce, Phone SMS, SalesForce, etc.


Contact forms are the proper, secure, and the easiest way to collect information about your users or customers. This information will be helpful to a great extent in improving your marketing campaigns. Thus, while creating one for your website keep it simple and avoid complex entries in it, so that your users don’t find it hard to fill up.

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