If you are running a business that offers its services through appointments, having a booking plugin will help you to a great extent as it will take care of loads of work such as receiving, approving, and cancellation of appointments that you will have to do manually otherwise. This, in turn, helps you save a huge amount of time which you can utilize for other important tasks.

Here are the 6 best WordPress booking plugins you can choose from for the smooth functioning of your business.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is the most downloaded and the first-ever booking plugin for WordPress. It makes both receiving and management of bookings an easy process for you. This plugin supports an unlimited number of booking resources. The unique calendar that comes with each of these resources avoids double booking for the same date by displaying unavailable days to the user so that the user can make the booking according to their preferences.

With Booking Calendar, you can configure the format of your booking form. Hence, you can decide the number of columns in the form, and add any number of form fields and more. In addition to configuring the booking form, you can also configure email templates using shortcodes.

Booking management can’t get simpler with this plugin’s powerful set of features. Hence, you can easily carry out functions like editing, duplicating, changing resources, adding notes, print, export&import of bookings, etc. Advanced hourly booking feature offered by this plugin enables your users to make bookings for a specific time duration. Making online payments is a breeze as this plugin supports over 8 major payment gateways within it.

Appointment Hour Booking

This WordPress booking plugin is a great choice if you are running a website offering medical services, personal training sessions, room bookings for events, resource allocation, classes, etc., where services with different duration and prices may be available.

With this plugin, you can easily configure calendar data since it allows a visual configuration of it. The calendar is flexible enough to define working dates, invalid/holiday dates, special dates, and open hours for each date, etc. In addition to it, each of these calendars can even have multiple services defined and these services can have their own price and duration.

If you found the existing booking form format inadequate or very complicated for your users, you can easily edit the form by adding or deleting fields as you wish using the Visual form builder that comes with this plugin. Since it allows you to easily integrate with any of the major payment gateways, payment processes run as smoothly as possible within this booking form.

Customizable email notifications, built-in captcha protection, manual & automatic CSV reports, printable appointment list, and Add-ons for integration with reCaptcha, MailChimp, SalesForce, WooCommerce, etc are other valuable features you will get access to by choosing this plugin for your WordPress website.


Bookly is the kind of plugin you were looking for smartly receiving and managing bookings from your WordPress website. It works perfectly for Consultancy, Medical, Ticket booking, Food & Beverage, Dental, Spa & Massage, Car rental, and repair service industries.

You can have entire control over the appearance of your website’s booking forms by customizing each element of it. Bookly provides 100% responsiveness for its booking forms thereby ensuring a wonderful user-experience on all sizes of devices.

With Bookly, both booking forms and admin panels are designed in the best user-friendly manner to offer a fast and easy booking process and management for users and admins respectively. Payment processes can’t go wrong with this booking plugin as it has included the most secure and flexible payment options within it.

The additional features offered by this plugin include Automatic/Manual booking approval, booking list (filterable, sortable, searchable), option to set minimum notice periods for bookings & cancellations, individual settings for each service provider & service, option to send automatic email & SMS, multi-language support, group booking services and more.

Pinpoint Booking System

This WordPress booking plugin comes with a bundle of features to make the booking process easy on your website. Users can make their appointments & reservations through the booking calendar that is displayed on the website. There is no limit to the number of booking calendars you can create with this plugin and for its customization possibilities.

With this booking plugin, users will be able to make appointments for days, hours, and even minutes. The website admin can add, approve, reject, edit, cancel, or delete any booking request. You can synchronize this plugin’s calendar availability with Google Calendar, iCalendar or Airbnb for its better efficiency.

Pinpoint Booking System makes it easy to set booking rules, booking discounts, taxes & fees, Coupons & Vouchers, and extras like amenities, services easily for your WordPress website. This plugin offers great support for Multi-sites/Multi-users. Multi-lingual and Multi-Currency support is also provided by this plugin.

Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita

This free Appointment booking and online scheduling plugin for WordPress websites allow booking of one-on-one appointments in addition to group events and classes involving multiple attendees. Using this plugin you can automate appointment follow-ups and ensure the active involvement of your clients with your business.

This plugin is a perfect choice if you are running a global business as it offers great support for time zone adjustments. Performing bulk operations like sending mass messages or promotional offers can be managed easily with the help of this plugin. Automatic appointment accepts feature is of huge help to manage your store/site’s appointments while you are away.

Besides all the above features, you can create professional-looking and responsive booking forms, import your clients, add personal notes, edit client information, set follow-up reminders, etc. Customization of texts, images, and colors of your appointment booking page can’t get easier with this plugin.

BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress is a popular booking plugin for easily booking appointments online. It offers perfect synchronization with Google, iCal, iPhone, Android, and Outlook calendars thereby letting you enable automatic import and export of your appointments and availability.

The built-in form editor that comes with this plugin enables you to quickly build and design your booking forms as per the needs of your business. This tool is perfect for various business sectors including Health & Wellness, Education, Fitness & Recreation, Auto & Home services, Salon & Beauty, Professional services, etc.

With BirchPress plugin, you get to easily set up and configure email notifications that are sent during events like booking of an appointment, reschedule, and cancellation, etc. Besides that, you can also send customizable and friendly email reminders about upcoming events as well.


Providing your customers with the best experience at each step is vital in keeping your business alive. And it starts right after they book an appointment on your website.

All the above plugins are capable of offering an uninterrupted and smooth booking process on your website. Hence, while choosing one for your website, pay attention to the kind of business you are running and choose the one that suits your business requirements.

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