Are you planning on moving your WordPress or WooCommerce website? Then, how are you going to transfer all your users’ data? Users being the valuable data on the website has to be transferred with the utmost attention and using a plugin specifically for this purpose would be a great help to you.

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So, here is a list of both premium and free user import plugins for helping you with the import of your user’s data to a WordPress/WooCommerce website.

1. WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import


This premium plugin which allows you to import users’ data from your WordPress site and customers’ data from the WooCommerce store is the most sought-after plugin when it comes to user import.

It easily imports WordPress User or WooCommerce Customer data to a CSV file. This plugin’s simple interface makes it extremely easy to map the data in your CSV file to the appropriate customer fields in WooCommerce. In addition to customer-related data, this plugin also supports any custom meta fields part of the user details as well.

This plugin is designed to be efficient with large imports as it splits large import files into smaller chunks, making it possible to import large files with thousands of records, even on slow hosting environments.

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User/customer import is entirely an effortless task if you are using this plugin. The whole user/customer importing process can be summed into first getting a CSV file with customer details and then importing this CSV file by using Import Users option, mapping the required fields. This imports Users to your online store with every user properties like id, customer id, user login, user pass, user email, etc.

Email to imported customers or users is another cool feature provided by this plugin. This plugin has a provision to enable email to customer after a successful import. Enabling this, a new user email will be triggered to the imported customer’s email.

This plugin facilitates scheduled import using cronjob. You can auto import the users/customers at regular intervals from CSV which is present on the FTP server by providing starting time and intervals between import.

2.  Import WordPress Users


If you are looking for a user-import plugin for your WordPress site, then this free user import plugin is all you need. This plugin makes your user import process far simpler.

This plugin enables easy import of users from a CSV to your WordPress site. If you do not need a bundle of features but simply the import functionality then this one would be the right choice. Along with import, this plugin supports user export as well.

 3. WP All Import Free


Here is another simple and free import plugin for importing users to your WordPress site. It has a  drag and drop interface that makes it easier and faster to carry out import tasks no matter however complicated it is.

One of the greatest functionality of this plugin is that there are no special requirements that the elements in your file must be laid out in a certain way. WP All Import can import any XML or CSV file containing users data to your WordPress site.

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If you are looking for additional features in this plugin, you could take a look at the description of this plugins’ premium version.

4. WP All Import

This premium user import plugin offers you tons of features in its paid version. In addition to the features listed in its free version, it lets you easily import users by uploading a file from your system, from an existing file or by downloading from a URL of an external website, even if they are password protected with HTTP authentication.

URL imports are integrated with the recurring/cron imports feature so that WP All Import can periodically re-download the files and add, edit, and delete them accordingly.

This plugin offers scheduled user imports and periodical update of your imports with new data automatically using cron-job.

Importing to custom fields can be done easily by this plugin. WP All Import Pro automatically detects the names of the custom fields used by your plugins and themes, so you don’t have to guess, ask the author, or look through the code.

5. Import users from CSV with meta


Using this plugin you could easily import users from a CSV file along with the custom user meta(included in the CSV with your custom fields).

To import, all you need to do is upload the CSV file and give it to import in order to facilitate its operation, an example CSV file is included within the plugin.

This plugin is capable of automatically detecting the line end so as to avoid problems with different OS and the delimiter which is being used in the CSV file(“,” or “;” or “|”). Besides that, this plugin ensures that all users are created or updated with their new information, if you do not want to update a field, simply leave it blank and its previous value will be preserved.

6.  Import users from CSV with meta Pro

Import users from CSV with meta is one of the popular premium plugins available to import users data from a CSV with meta.

It can automatically detect which type of CSV file it is reading and proceed to insert or update users automatically in a few seconds.

This plugin will automatically detect character set, to avoid having problems with UTF-8 or any other than ASCII, and checks what line breaks are being used since in Windows, Mac, and Linux different line breaks are used and you have to be careful when dealing with files that come from different operating systems.

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In addition to it, it also detects the delimiter between the data in the CSV file.


Even though user import might seem a bit complex process owing to various user data involved, it will not be a big deal once you start using the help of a user import plugin. Reading the above article must have helped you in getting a better perspective about user import and in choosing the right plugin for your WordPress or WooCommerce site.