Whether you have a big or small business it is very important to ensure your online presence with a stunning website. The look and feel of your website can largely impact how your website is received by your customers/clients.

Choosing the right website builder is the first step to get to that goal. This article lists all the best website builders currently available to build websites for small businesses. I hope this will help you make better choices faster.

Why Should You Use a Website Builder?

Before going for a website builder, you really should contemplate whether you actually need a website builder to build your website. Because at times the need is overemphasized to the point that it gives away the notion that website builder is inevitable for setting up a website.

But, in reality, you can build your website without the need of a website builder. Website builders are only necessary if you are,

  • building a small business website, a personal website/blog, or an eCommerce website.
  • have little or no experience in web development, HTML, CSS, or PHP.
  • planning to build a large and complex website, etc.

If you are not among any of these you don’t have to read the rest of the article. But if you are, you better take a look at it as it covers information regarding choosing the right website builder and the list of the best website builders.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Website Builder for your Small Business Website


For small businesses, affordability is a major concern, especially in the beginning. Most small businesses start out on small budgets. Being affordable should not compromise with the builders’ quality. It should be scalable as your business grows.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another big factor you need to consider before making your final choice. Easiness is the priority when someone goes for a website builder to build their website, they are looking for a solution that can minimize the technical burden they will have to go through in the process.


If your website builder is SEO-Friendly consider half the job done. Optimizing your website to SEO is a long and hard task, which you can easily get over with an SEO-friendly website builder.

Customer Support

No matter how user-friendly your website builder is, at times, your website may run into issues that may require professional help. The best and easy way to obtain professional help is by choosing a website builder that provides 24*7 quality support to its customers.

Features & Flexibility

The more the number of features the better the flexibility offered by the website builder. Flexibility is an important component for building your website according to your needs. A flexible builder will make it easy for you to scale your website along with your website’s growth.


Weebly website builder

Weebly is a great building platform for small businesses and online stores. From drag-and-drop builder to beautiful customizable themes, Weebly has everything you are looking for in a small business website builder.

Weebly Pros

  • User-friendly platform for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Over 40 responsive and customizable templates.
  • Great collection of extensions for a better website building experience.
  • You can choose your own domain name for free.
  • Excellent support for search engine optimization
  • You can add HTML code, external widgets, and other tools to enhance your website.
  • Suitable for both small and large structured websites.

Weebly Cons

  • Need to pay for the domain name from the second year onwards.
  • Limited customization with drag and drop builder.
  • There is no option available to restore your website on your own, you will have to rely on Weebly’s support team.


WIX website builder

Wix is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for building small business websites. You have total freedom to build your website according to your preference using the Wix editor. You can either start from scratch or choose from over 500-designer made templates to build your website.

Wix Pros

  • Incredibly user-friendly platform for building small website websites.
  • No need for coding knowledge.
  • Takes care of web hosting for free to provide you with safe and secure website experience.
  • Lets you choose a custom domain name for your website.
  • Integrated analytics to keep track of your website’s performance.
  • SSL certification, chat service, and social tools to improve the SEO of your website.

Wix Cons

  • You will find it hard to make changes to the chosen template once it goes live.
  • Less flexibility.
  • SEO isn’t heavily supported.
  • Not a great choice if you are skilled in coding.


squarespace website builder

Squarespace is another website builder you can rely on for building a website for your business. With its uncluttered and easy to navigate interface you will have a great experience building your website.

Squarespace Pros

  • 60+ options of modern, responsive templates that offer great design, usability, and performance.
  • The available templates cover a wide range of industries including photography, community and non-profit, music, and health, fitness, etc.
  • It’s easy to switch templates at any point, even after your website has gone live.
  • Excellent customization options and if you are skilled in the coding sky is the limit.
  • Integrated with tools such as Gsuite and PayPal.
  • Tools for email campaigns, SEO, eCommerce functions, etc.
  • Built-in analytics.
  • Offers unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Squarespace Cons

  • Since all templates belong to a specific niche, you may not be able to find what you are specifically looking for.
  • No app store, thus need to rely on its in-built features.
  • Not very beginner-friendly, it has a learning curve.
  • Not a pure drag and drop builder.


Strikingly website builder

If you are among those who are afraid of building websites because of your lack of coding knowledge or technical expertise, Strikingly would be your perfect choice. Strikingly is an amazing website builder trusted by millions of entrepreneurs across the world.

Strikingly Pros

  • It provides you with a simple site-building experience.
  • Great drag and drop editor that eases the whole process.
  • A beginner-friendly platform with no requirements for coding skills.
  • Excellent support provided by Strikingly support.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy customization of templates.

Strikingly Cons

  • Less scalability
  • You can only create single page websites.
  • Poor scalability of your website.

Wrapping up

Your choice of website builder has great importance in how your website turns out in the end and on its performance. Thus if you are looking forward to a smooth flow with your business, pick the right builder.

It can become hard to find the right builder given there are plenty of choices. But, if you narrowed it down to your specific niche and related requirements, you have a better chance of finding the right builder for your website.

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