In an eCommerce store where each day you receive thousands of orders, order numbers are important to distinguish one order from the other. What if these order numbers are given randomly? That would make the whole store management pretty hard for you.

In WooCommerce stores, order numbers are generated randomly. This is because WordPress records all of its data (order, product, pages, posts, etc.) as posts and assigns a post Id to all. This results in orders getting irregular numbers.

So this article brings to you a solution for this issue by introducing to you a bunch of free and the best sequential order plugins that are capable of enhancing the efficiency of your WooCommerce store multiple times by enabling your store to automatically generate WooCommerce sequential order numbers.

Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce

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Using this WooCommerce sequential order number plugin you can set custom order numbers for orders in your WooCommerce store. You can set custom prefix, starting number, and order number length for all or new WooCommerce orders.

Easy order tracking facilitated by shortcode, custom order search functionality, etc., make your store management more easy and efficient.

Key Features

  • Set custom sequential order numbers for WooCommerce orders
  • Add custom prefix, starting number, and order number length
  • Set custom order number for all orders or new orders only
  • Add order date prefix
  • Choose order template
  • Supports subscription order numbers
  • Compatibility with subscription plugins
  • Order tracking by custom order number
  • Supports order tracking shortcode
  • Optionally enable admin order search by custom order number
  • Easy setup and dedicated support

For additional features such as adding suffix, auto-resetting order numbers, custom increment of order numbers, a separate sequence for free orders, etc., you can check out the premium version of the plugin.

Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce


This plugin extends to you the whole control over how order numbers generated by your store should look like. Using this plugin you could customize your store’s order numbers to anything you like. It can be either sequential, random, or by order ID.

New orders will be assigned with a custom order number automatically by this plugin. If you need even your existing orders to be numbered sequentially, you can even make that happen with the remunerate tool offered by this plugin. By simply clicking on the button all your existing orders would be sequentially numbered starting from the number you entered.

At some point in time, you may want to reset your store’s order numbers. This plugin makes it easy to reset your store’s order number by automatic reset on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

The other customization options offered by this plugin include allowing you to add a prefix to your store’s order numbers.

With this plugin active in your store, you will not find it hard to track orders since this plugin enables order tracking in your store, in addition to it, order admin search feature can also be made available in your store using this plugin.

Optionally you could even enable admin order search by this plugin. As the store admin, you could choose user roles that cannot have access to the settings of this plugin by simply enabling a checkbox. Furthermore, there is one more hide option using which you can control which user gets to set the renumerating tool.

Key Features

  • Setup order numbers as sequential, random, or by order ID
  • Automatically reset of sequential counter on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis
  • automatically assign custom numbers to new orders
  • Recount existing orders
  • Add prefix to order number
  • Enable order tracking by custom number
  • Optionally you can enable admin order search by custom number.

Woo Custom and Sequential Order Number


This WooCommerce plugin allows your store to automatically generate sequential order numbers so you can avoid the messy store management process caused by random order numbers. Although its free version doesn’t offer many features it has a premium version that could make your store management effortless.

Its premium feature provides you with custom order fields and other variable support. It just auto manage all order numbers preserving your time and effort other important tasks of your store.

If your store is offering products free of cost, things could get a bit complicated when it comes to the accounting section of your store. With this plugin active on your store you wouldn’t have to face such issues as you can identify as “Free order”, those orders made with no costs, or those that have only free products.

Key Features

  • Provides Custom and Sequential order numbers
  • Auto Manage all order numbers
  • Supports custom text, prefix, suffix, or mixed value
  • Unlimited Order number Length

Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce


Sequential order numbers for WooCommerce is a good choice for a free plugin. It offers you features that can help grow your business in a much less complicated way by making order management easy. It offers you various features that help you create a unique Id for every order generated in your store.

Using this plugin you could create an order ID including custom prefix, postfix, and a number start for free orders. The current date, current time, etc., can also be used in the ID.

Key Features

  • Custom order number text
  • Unlimited order number length
  • Add custom ID and start number

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers


This is a great extension for improving the efficiency of your WooCommerce store. The premium version of the plugin offers minimal features compared to other plugins in the list.

In the premium version of this plugin, you will have access to a number of cool features in addition to the automatic sequencing of order numbers. Those features include starting order numbering from any number, setting a custom order number prefix and suffix and including current day, month, year, and time in the custom order number prefix and suffix, etc.

You are allowed to set order number length with this plugin by adding as many zeroes to the beginning of the order number as necessary. For making your store’s accounting process faster and efficient you can even exclude orders containing only free products from the paid order sequence. To achieve this all you have to do is assign a separate custom prefix to them.

Key Features

  • Convert new orders into a sequential format


The efficiency of your store is largely depended on the way you manage your store’s orders and other related matters. If you have been running your store for long, you must have come to the realization that proper management requires some sort of external support as well. Sequential order is one such plugin that if activated in your store, can help your business grow much faster and smoother.

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