There are various situations that may require you to export products from your WooCommerce store. It includes migration purposes, for keeping a backup of product data, bulk product data update, etc.

The default WooCommerce functionalities have limitations in carrying out most of these tasks. Hence, your may have to add a product export plugin to your store.

This article lists a few of the best free WooCommerce product export plugins (most of them support import as well) you can try in your WooCommerce store. Take a look at it to make your pick.

Product Import Export for WooCommerce

webtoffee product import plugin

This one of the best WooCommerce product export plugins available to export your WooCommerce store’s products to a CSV. Using this import-export plugin’s simple interface you can easily export simple products and product images of your store.

This export plugin is a great option for keeping a backup, bulk product update, or store migration. Besides export, the plugin does product import as well which makes it a very flexible choice for your store among the rest of the options.

If you want more features out of this product import export plugin, you can always upgrade to its pro version which unlocks to you some super easy and useful features to help you with product export.

Option to export variable products, XML file type support, product reviews, automatically scheduled export, file export via FTP, third-party plugin customization support, etc., are the major export features offered by this plugin in its premium version.

Key Features

  • Export WooCommerce products to CSV
  • Import WooCommerce products from CSV
  • Import and export product images
  • Powerful filters for custom export
  • Bulk update WooCommerce products
  • Easy mapping
  • Premium upgrade available with advanced features

WP All Export

WP all export plugin

Using this WP All Export Plugin you can export almost any WordPress/WooCommerce data to a CSV or XML file in addition to products. All it takes is three simple steps for this plugin to have all your products exported to a CSV file. The plugin comes with an intuitive drag & drop interface which makes it so easy for you to choose exactly which data you would like to export.

WP All Export doesn’t require you to layout your export file in a specific way for the export functionality to work. You can structure it any way you like. The plugin supports the export of any custom fields in it and it is fully integrated with the WP All Import plugin to take care of the import processes as well. Its premium version has got even more powerful features like scheduled exports, advanced filter options along with the option to create custom rules, etc.

The plugin is fully integrated with Zapier which allows you to send your exported data to various services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc. Plus this plugin also makes it possible to send the data to more than 500 different apps as well.

Key Features

  • Export products to CSV/XML formats
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Exports other post types
  • Supports custom fields
  • Premium upgrade available with advanced features

Export WooCommerce

export woocommerce plugin

Export WooCommerce plugin is a great choice to export WooCommerce products into a CSV formatted file. Besides products, the plugin also allows you to export WooCommerce orders, order items, customers and supports XML files as well. As an admin, you have control over who else can export data from your WooCommerce store with this plugin’s user capability feature. If you leave this field empty that would allow all users to export data (including the not logged ones), hence it is not recommended by the plugin.

While exporting products the plugin lets you add one additional product meta field to export whereas its pro version lets you add an unlimited number of additional meta fields.

Key Features

  • Export WooCommerce Products
  • Supports CSV format
  • Supports export of orders and customers
  • Add additional meta fields

WordPress Product Excel Import & Export for WooCommerce

With this WordPress plugin you can do Product Import and Export for Woocommerce in Bulk with Excel instantly. It is a great option for unlimited simple product support.

In addition to migrating products, the plugin supports bulk product data update as well. You can easily update products using excel with the plugin. The plugin supports product data such as Title, Post Status, Description, Short Description, Product Category, Product Tags, Weight, SKU, Regular Price, Sale Price, Stock, Author ID, Url – Slug, Virtual, Taxables, Tax Class, etc.

Key features

  • Import and export products
  • Supports excel format
  • Bulk update products
  • Easy drag and drop data mapping


Most of the free plugins listed contain limited features that support only the basic product export requirements. If you are looking for extensions that can help you export all product data including product images and all, you might want to go for a premium plugin. I hope this article helped you make your choice faster.

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