Running a WooCommerce store involves managing many important tasks together. Importing products to WooCommerce is one such task that requires a huge amount of time and patience from your side as a store admin.

But these situations can be effectively handled if you are using a product import plugin in your WooCommerce store. This article lists the best free product import plugins you can try in your WooCommerce store to get the job done quickly.

Product Import Export for WooCommerce

This Product import plugin for WooCommerce allows you to easily import products into WooCommerce. With the plugin, you can import WooCommerce products with their images. Apart from that, the plugin supports importing products from CSV by their category/tags/product status.

This WooCommerce import-export plugin is a great option for product export as well. Its powerful export filters let you selectively export WooCommerce products to CSV. You can also easily perform bulk edits of WooCommerce products using the plugin. All you need to do is add the desired value in the evaluation field provided by the plugin during import mapping.

You can also update product data by exporting products in bulk and making changes to it using any spreadsheet program. Once you update the data, you can import products back to WooCommerce. You can choose from any of these methods to bulk edit products.

For the import and export of WooCommerce variable products (and other product types), metadata, product reviews, scheduled import-export, etc., you will have to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

WordPress ratings for Product Import Export plugin so far

WordPress rating for Product Import Export for WooCommerce

Key Features of the Plugin

Following are the notable features offered by this WooCommerce import export plugin.

  • Bulk import WooCommerce products from CSV (simple products)
  • Supports export of WooCommerce products to CSV
  • Import WooCommerce products by category, tags, or product status
  • Import-export product images (featured and gallery)
  • Bulk edit products
  • Import and export mapping
  • Powerful export filters for custom export
  • Set delimiter for CSV fields
  • Easy installation and setup

WP All Import – Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce

WP all import is another powerful option for importing products to your WooCommerce store. With this import add-on, you can import products in both CSV and XML formats. But for the plugin to work, you need to install and activate the WP All Import plugin first.

Its drag and drop interface is an excellent feature that provides you with a visual way to map the columns in your CSV file to the corresponding fields in WooCommerce.

The plugin supports the import of large sizes of files by automatically splitting them into smaller chunks. Thereby enabling you to import even 200MB+ product catalogs with ease regardless of your WooCommerce store’s hosting speed.

If you are looking forward to advanced features like cron based scheduled imports, supports for all product types, synchronization of stock levels, etc., you might want to opt for its premium version.

WordPress ratings for WP All Import plugin so far

WordPress rating for WP all import - Import products

Key Features of the Plugin

Following are the key features offered by the WP All Import plugin for WooCommerce.

  • Bulk upload products to WooCommerce (simple products)
  • Import products from any XML or CSV
  • Import from URL/FTP
  • Supports custom filters for import
  • Set delimiter for CSV fields
  • Drag and drop import mapping

WooCommerce – Product Importer

visserlabs product importer

Using this WooCommerce product importer plugin you can import products to your WooCommerce store from simple formatted files such as CSV, TXT, etc. It supports most of the product fields such as category, tags, product status, tax status, price, quantity, and a lot more.

Although the free version doesn’t offer much there is a lot you can avail of from its premium version. Its pro version offers you to import all types of products, featured image and product gallery images, file downloads, up-sells & cross-sells, custom product meta, etc.

WordPress ratings for WooCommerce – Product Importer plugin so far

WordPress rating for Product Importer

Key Features of the Plugin

Following is a list of features offered by the WooCommerce product importer plugin.

  • Bulk import WooCommerce products (simple products)
  • Import products from CSV or TXT formats
  • Import featured and product gallery images
  • Import custom product meta, category, and tags

Import WooCommerce

import woocommerce

This WooCommmerce free product import plugin helps you import products, pages, and posts. Along with the imported module, the plugin also lets you import featured images from an external URL provided you enabled the “insert inline images option” offered by this plugin. It comes with an auto-mapping feature to map product fields with CSV headers to spare you time and effort.

Like the above-listed WooCommerce add-on WP All import, this WooCommerce import plugin also needs a main plugin (WP Ultimate CSV importer) installed and activated on your WooCommerce site.

The plugin also supports a bunch of other WooCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce product add-ons, WooCommerce chained products import, WooCommerce product retailers import, and more. Its premium version comes with multiple methods for uploading your import file. Upload from FTP, URL, and already uploaded files are supported by this plugin.

WordPress ratings for Import WooCommerce plugin so far

WordPress rating for Import WooCommerce

Key Features of the Plugin

Following is a list of features offered by the Import WooCommerce plugin.

  • Import products to WooCommerce from CSV/XML/TXT/ZIP (simple products)
  • Import WooCommerce product gallery images
  • Import featured images from an external URL
  • Auto mapping feature to map WooCommerce fields with CSV headers


Free import plugins are great options for running your WooCommerce store in an easy and affordable way. Import should go hand in hand with export as well. Thus it is best to choose a plugin that supports the export feature as well. If you need to learn more about WooCommerce product export plugins, check out the listicle, the best free product export plugins for WooCommerce.

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