Do you spend more time searching for the right keyword than what you take for creating content around it?

Keyword research holds great importance in the growth of your blog or eCommerce business on an SEO basis.

But if you are a beginner or someone who can’t afford paid research tools, this article would be a big help as it contains information on 10 of the best free keyword research tools available for you to use.

Read on and make your pick.

Google Trends

Free Keyword Research Tool

Google trends is the right tool for finding the relative popularity of a keyword over time. Thus by knowing the trending keyword for your niche, you will be able to craft the right content for your blog.

Its advanced search features allow you to compare multiple keywords so you can determine audience interests over time. Google trends also give you a set of related queries so you can expand your keyword research.

If you are looking forward to finding keyword/topic ideas by region, Google Trends is the best tool as it can provide you results based on a specific country or worldwide.

With this tool, you can also avail of information on how your chosen keyword is doing when it comes to its YouTube popularity.


Free Keyword Research Tool

AnswerThePublic is an awesome free tool for keyword research. When you enter a particular root keyword to the tool, it returns you visualizations of questions and phrases asked around that particular root keyword. But for the regional information about a particular keyword, you will have to upgrade to their premium plan.

Visualization of keyword info

You don’t even have to create an account to try this tool, thus totally making it beginner-friendly. It manages keyword research by breaking keyword info to related questions, prepositions, queries by alphabetical order, and related searches.

The keyword results shown by AnswerThePublic is based on Google and Bing’s auto-suggest features.


Free Keyword Research Tool

Soovle is a great keyword research tool for those who love doing keyword research by using the autocomplete feature of different popular channels like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.

You can do so by choosing either of the channels by clicking on the icons below the search box. The tool will easily avail search results from different resources so you can make a comparison study and go for the suitable choice of keyword for your blog.


Free Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is another cool free keyword search tool you can use to get data on the most sought after keywords for your niche. Whether head terms or long-tail keywords Ubersuggest will get you hundreds of suggestions on them.

Besides that, you can also see the volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword. It also generates a list of keywords for you based on what is working for your competitors based on Gooogle search results.

Ubersuggest has recently come up with a new feature that allows you to type in your competitor’s domain to get better keyword ideas.

Question DB

Free Keyword Research Tool

Question DB is a powerful keyword research tool used by marketers and bloggers. Unlike other similar tools, Question DB works by letting you pick a broad keyword and letting you find questions that have been asked about it. You can choose one of these questions and turn them into the content.

The working principle behind question DB is quite simple. It collects the millions of questions (what problems people have, what people care about, what people are interested in) that have been asked on various websites over time, and then compiles these questions into a large, searchable database.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Research Tool

This keyword tool by WordStream is a fast and easy way to find the right keyword for your business’ growth. It gives you hundreds of relevant keyword results and actionable information like competition level and estimated CPC, etc.

With WordStream you can find the right keyword idea by entering a keyword along with your choice of industry and country(optional). This will bring you a list of keyword suggestions and their search volume on Google and Bing.

You can also enter a website URL – such as a competitor’s homepage to get an insight into what works for them and to choose the right strategy for competing. You can either download the keyword list as a CSV file or have them sent it to your email if you provide them with your email ID.


Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword tool is another tool like Soovle that relies on autocomplete of various popular resources to bring you the right keyword ideas. It lets you try autocomplete with Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play store, Instagram, and Twitter.

To do a keyword search with this tool, all you need to do is enter a keyword into the search box and choose the autocomplete you need. It has been set Google by default.

To make better use of this tool you can compare the keyword suggestions shown by different autocomplete and then choose the best one from them.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Free Keyword Research Tool

This Bulk keyword generator tool is best for small businesses to find the keywords suitable for their industry. To use this tool all you need to do is select a business type and city, and it will automatically generate local keywords for your industry.

Google Suggest

Although you can’t consider it a tool, it is one of the easiest and best ways to find the right keywords for your needs. Most keyword research tools work based on this very principle.

To find the best keyword suggestions all you have to do is enter a root keyword into the Google search box and choose from the most suitable one when Google lays out all the related searches based on that particular keyword.

You can also find keyword suggestions by scrolling down the page.

Related search queries

Thus if you need a faster solution to find the best keyword suggestions Google suggest is highly recommended.


I hope you will find the rather uneasy task of finding suitable keywords enjoyable by using any of the above-listed tools. If I have missed mentioning any free keyword research tool that you have found helpful, please leave them in the comments as it will benefit others too.


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