It is a widely accepted fact that discounts boost your sales. Thus, offering discounts and other offers should be one of the topmost strategies you should be following in your marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that you should offer discounts so generously to the point that it affects your business goals. Instead, you should try to strike a fine balance between the discounts you offer and your store’s financial status. But how do you do it?

This article shares with you some of the best ways to attract users with offers and discounts to your WooCommerce store and to increase your WooCommerce store’s revenue.

Offer Bundled Products

Selling bundled products at a discount price stand a better chance of attracting people than offering discounts on individual products. It is based on the simple customer psychology that they love getting more for what they pay. By choosing products carefully for bundling you can make a huge profit out of your store.

Here are some techniques that you can apply while bundling products in order to maximize your store’s profit.

  • Bundle less popular or overstock products with popular ones.
  • Allow custom bundling
  • Offer products individually so that customers know the difference between buying products individually and in a bundle
  • Try bundling cross-sells together

If you need more help with product bundling at your WooCommerce store you can make use of a plugin. YITH WooCommerce Product BundlesWPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce, etc., are great choices for easily creating product bundles in your store.

Use Fortune Wheel in Your Store

This is a very amusing way to bring people to your store. The mixture of fun and luck will make your store an attention grabber. WooCommerce makes it easy to set it up in your store by offering plugins for the purpose. WooCommerce Lucky wheel plugin is one of the great options for you.

This plugin allows your users to win coupons by spinning the lucky wheel. It is an easy way to get visitors and customer into signing up for your emails as they will only be able to spin the wheel if they enter their email. In addition to it, this plugin allows you to sync these emails with your MailChimp account.

Offer Special Discounts to Your New Visitors

Your store always gets new visitors. Since they are new to your store, they will probably hesitate in making purchases on their very first visit. So chances are, they might just visit your store and leave. That is of no benefit to you unless you can turn them to your customers on their following visits. Now, how will you make that happen?

The above-mentioned fortune wheel is a great tool for this as it help you collect your visitors’ email addresses. Once you have their emails you will be able to lure them to your store by offering them attractive discount coupons or gifts frequently until they come back to your store to make purchases.

Cart Abandonment Offers

Abandoned carts are a major hurdle to your WooCommerce store’s conversion rates. Hence, finding effective mechanisms to prevent people from abandoning carts or bringing them back to your store to make the purchase complete would be the right course action you can take to boost your store’s sales.

WooCommerce offers you a bunch of plugins to help you in curtailing it to a great extent. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce, Beeketing for WooCommerce, and Save Abandoned Carts, etc are examples of cart abandonment plugins. These plugins send out abandoned cart emails and some of these plugins even allow you to send emails containing tempting offers so it would be hard for the customers to deny it.

Social Share Discount Offers

How about offering discounts to your customers’ for sharing your products via their social media profiles? Social sharing without a doubt is a strong promotional tool. And especially when your customers do it, it will make it more appealing to other people who haven’t been to your store yet. Because people know they do not share things online if they do not like it.

However brilliant the idea seem to you, there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to carry it out properly for your WooCommerce store. That is why there are plugins out there specially developed for this purpose. You could download for free or purchase one of them for your store. YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts would be a great choice.

Referral Offers

By providing referral program in your WooCommerce store, you will be able to bring in more sales to your store. It would be very effective if you are offering discount coupons or other incentives to the person referring and the person being referred to. Because this will surely increase the number of people who refer and people who would love to make purchases via referral links.

Offer Free Gifts

Nothing is more tempting than free gifts. But, you can’t just give things away to your customers. You will have to set a bunch of conditions (favoring your business goals) based on which your customers claim their free gift; such as minimum spend, quantity (of products) or a purchase deadline, etc. This will clearly lure your customers into making purchases from your store and in helping your business grow. There are multiple options for plugins that can make it easy for your store to manage free gift offers.

Exit-Intent Popups

Do you know how much business you lose because you fail at keeping your visitors a little bit more in your store? That is when exit/intent popups come to your help. By displaying attractive popups in your store while they are about to leave your page, you could increase the chance of converting them to your store’s customers.

The popups should include compelling offers and discounts in addition to its stunning looks. This will make your visitors think twice before leaving your store. There are plenty of plugins that can help you create great looking popups. Thrive leads Exit-Intent plugin, OptinMonster Exit-intent, MailOptin Exit-intent, and etc. are some of them.

Count Down Timer

Being in the presence of a count-down timer can be exhausting for some as it reminds you of losing time, the time you will never get back. That is exactly why they are such a great addition to your WooCommerce store. It helps you create a FOMO effect in your store for your visitors. This sense of urgency can be created in a number of ways using a count down timer.

Some of which are:

  • To generate interest in a new product launch
  • To promote flash deals, promotions, and offers, etc.
  • To sell limited edition/special products

Count-down timer plugins can make this more effective for your store. The most popular ones are Beeketing for WooCommerce and Countdown Timer by WPDevArt, etc.


Keeping your store always bustling with customers is every store owners dream. And the above-given strategies are more than enough to make it happen for your store. But, before you apply any of them to your store, you need to have a clear idea regarding your customers’ needs and preferences. This will help you implement them successfully at your store.

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